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The Earth’s Atmosphere

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1 The Earth’s Atmosphere

2 Characteristics of the Atmosphere
The Atmosphere is a mixture of gases that surround the earth The Atmosphere protects us from the harmful rays of the sun.

3 Composition of the Atmosphere
Besides the main two gases Nitrogen and Oxygen, the atmosphere also contains liquids and small solids The most common of the liquids in the atmosphere is water.

4 Atmospheric Pressure Air pressure is the measure of the force with which the air molecules push on a surface As you move farther from the earth the air pressure decreases

5 Pressure The Atmosphere is held in its position by the gravity of the earth Gravity pulls the gas molecules towards the earth which gives them weight As you move farther from the earth the air pressure decreases Altitude is the height of an object above the earths surface

6 Air Temperature As you pass through the atmosphere, air temperature changes to warmer or colder conditions

7 Layers of the Atmosphere
The Earth’s atmosphere is divided into five layers- the troposphere , the stratosphere, the mesosphere, the thermosphere, and the exosphere

8 Troposphere the layer of the atmosphere nearest Earth’s surface
where all weather occurs temperature is warmest near the ground and decreases as you go higher, (as altitude increases, temperature decreases )

9 Stratosphere Is very thin and contains little moisture
Is extremely cold (-60 degrees Celsius) The ozone layer which absorbs the harmful rays of sunlight is found here Jets fly here

10 Mesosphere Is the coldest layer of the atmosphere (-93° C)
Meteors burn up in this layer

11 Thermosphere Temperatures can reach 2,000 degrees Celsius
The temperature here is dependent on solar activity. Auroras occur in this layer

12 Exosphere Different regions of this layer make long distance communication possible Satellites found here

13 A way to remember the layers of Earth’s Atmosphere!
Troposphere Stratosphere Mesosphere Thermosphere Exosphere That Snail Missed The Exit!

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