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Automation Division BLUE Group Engineering & Design

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1 Automation Division BLUE Group Engineering & Design
Via Albenga, 98 – Cascine Vica – Rivoli - ITALY Tel Fax

2 Main Activities Electrical design for automation systems
Design of automation control software Design of supervisory system (SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Electro-mechanical equipments for automation systems

3 Profile Automation division offers a complete range of solutions among the key areas of industrial processes. The added value supplied by Blue Automation to customers is linked to the mix of services based on up to date technologies and specific technical skill in the field of logistic and manufacturing processes. A full command of developed applications from the start-up of new solutions to the support offered for existing ones permits us to supply customers with a “turn-key” service including: Analysis and assessment of applications and of products required to carry them out Detailed definition of the project Accomplishment of the application After sale service related to the application

4 Solutions for logistic
The main branch of automation division is focused on the implementation of control HW/SW solutions for warehouse management using stacker crane. Experience gathered by our group permits us to accomplish both large and small projects completed with management products such as “Flex Store” offering to the customer an almost full coverage of the whole plant. The division operates in partnership with mechanical and scaffolding manufacturers. Main activities: Study on installation layout Accomplishment of electrical installation (Project and electromechanical supplies) Accomplishment of control logics (PLC/HMI/SCADA) Installation Customer service

5 Material Handling Supervisory systems
The group has a significant experience acting as a partner for systems integration in the automotive industry and, in general, in the field of material handling. Supporting the most important companies of the industry, our division is able to offer design services required by the manufacturing of: Transport lines Vehicle motors Assembly lines Welding stations Screw driving systems Supervisory systems Interacting with automated machinery requires the use of interface systems with an advanced technology. Our division is able to meet customers requirements offering integration of SCADA and HMI systems. The solutions may range from the basic employ of user terminals for machinery control, to complex architecture data management for process/diagnostic/remote-control.

6 Industrial Automation Scada
Storage, handling, installation, painting, welding and process Feasibility study and pre-project Selection and coordination of suppliers Electromechanical hardware design Software design for automation and supervision (PLC e SCADA) Commissioning Sites management and supervision Scada Software for process control Peripherals interfaces Protocols management for data transmission Software for supervision of conveyor lines and process Support On-line remote support after start up with via modem connection. Support and planned maintenance contracts. Retrofit Full design and accomplishment of technological updates on automated warehouse systems and industrial automation plants. Electromechanics Hardware design and electric device manufacturing Accomplishment of installations Hardware design performed via support of CAE packages such as EPLAN, SPAC, XELEC, ELPROCAD, ecc..

7 Solutions for logistics
System integrator for Warehouse management Solutions in partnership with mechanical manufacturers Turn-key supply Study of installation layout Remote assistance Accomplishment of the electrical installation Solutions in partnership with scaffolding manufacturers Accomplishment of control logics PLC/PC/SCADA

8 Solutions for logistics
System integrator for Warehouse management Automated warehouse handling Lifters/hoisters Self-supporting scaffolds Load/unload docks

9 Solutions for logistics
System integrator for Warehouse management Compact shelving systems Vertical storage systems Rotating filing systems

Automotive industries IVECO – Painted body shells warehouse (COMAU) IVECO – Hubs and disks warehouse (BERTELLO) AUTOGERMA – Spare parts warehouse (COMAU) – (VR) FMA – Motors delivery warehouse at Pratola Serra (AV) Armed forces CAMERI (NO) – EFA fast spare parts warehouse GALLARATE (MI)– Aeronautical spare parts warehouse POLO ARMI – Automated warehouses - TERNI ALENIA - Aeronautical spare parts warehouse Others LE FABLIER – Automated warehouse – Valeggio sul Mincio (VR) MODENA TERMINAL – frozen foods warehouse - Modena GALLINA – Plastic materials warehouse – Villastellone (TO) HYDRO – Aluminum coil ageing – Cisterna di Latina COIN – Distribution warehouse (SAET) Textile industries LORO PIANA – Yarn warehouse Quarona Sesia (VC) SUCCESSORI REDA – Yarn warehouse – Vallemosso (BI) Pharmaceutical industries ABBOTT Farmaceutici – Delivery warehouse - Latina FORMENTI Gr.Grunenthal – Automated warehouse – Origgio (VA) JOHNSON&JOHNSON – Automated warehouse – Pomezia (Roma) Automated parking METRO ROMA Automated parking - AURELIA CORNELIA PARCHEGGI AUTOMATICI Telecom industries TELECOM – Rozzano - (COMAU)

11 Material Handling System integrator for Systems manufacturers
Automotive Study of installation layout Welding Line Monorail system Electrical design Software design PLC/SCADA/HMI

12 System integrator for Systems manufacturers
Material Handling System integrator for Systems manufacturers Automotive Assembly Conveyor Line Lift

13 Material Handling Special Systems Screw driving Assembling Welding

PORTFOLIO: AUTOMOTIVE AND MATERIAL HANDLING Painting Automotor Painting Line - FIAT TRACTORS Painting plant NEW HOLLAND BASILDON-GEICO Painting plant IVECO BRESCIA-GEICO-(CIEM) Body shell painting line - FIAT MIRAFIORI Skid STOP&GO Line - FIAT RIVALTA PAINTING Final Assembly Screw Driving and Assembly Line – SEVEL Val di Sangro Automotor Doors and Dashboards Line - FIAT MIRAFIORI Automotor and Skid Assembly Lines- RENAULT CURITIBA BRASIL Automotor and Skid Lines LASTRATURA-FIAT CORDOBA ARGENTINA Mobile Stations Robot - VOLKSWAGEN AG (FATA) Welding Body Shell Welding Line - SKODA (FATA) Axle Welding Line - FIAT BRASIL (COMAU) Welding Line – Pininfarina KUKA

15 Design of electromechanical hardware installations
Project analysis Electrical design Supply selection and coordination

16 Electromechanical equipments for automation systems
Accomplishment of electrical/logics installations

17 Design of automation control software
PLC software design

18 Design of automation control software
Remote Assistance with “Teleservice” PSTN GPRS GSM

19 Design of automation control software
Field bus Profibus Device Net Interbus Can Open ASI

20 Design of automation control software
Safety systems Integration and development of safety systems based on Plc PILZ PSS®, Safety Bus® Scada PMI®

21 Design of automation control software
Motion Control Axes cards and frequency inverters SEW Eurodrive LENZE Gerit Siemens Control Techniques Telemecanique Indramat Omron Danfoss Mitsubishi Allen-Bradley Nordac Ghisalba

22 Design of supervisory system (SCADA)
Customizable systems control Automotive Control and diagnostic Process Monitoring Tracking Report Data Logging Logistics Alarms management Recipes Production data Control View (A/B) RS View (A/B) InTouch (Wonderware) Pro Tool (Siemens) Win CC (Siemens

23 Design of supervisory system (HMI)
Design of user panels of main manufacturers

24 Companies System integrator
Logistics Process Automotive RAI – Roma ST Microelectronics HYDRO Alluminium ALENIA LOROPIANA KONE –Milano JOHNSON&JOHNSON - Pomezia SKODA Mladà-Boleslav VOLVO Car - Sweden OLIVETTI - Ink Jet IVECO FIAT PININFARINA L’OREAL Italia FORMENTI Farmaceutici (GRUPPO Grunenthal) System integrator

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