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The ultimate Technology for Cellulites and Slimming.

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1 The ultimate Technology for Cellulites and Slimming.

2 The most recent, innovative and complete Computerized Body Contouring System on the market A not invasive and pleasant treatment mobilizing cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues


4 SKIN: Epidermis : covering function Dermis : 1support function whose mechanical properties derive from the presence of collagen and elastin 2 metabolic function to regeneration of Epidermis Subcutaneous layer : function of energy supply

5 Cells (ex. Adipose Cells) Circulatory system: arterial system: supplies nutritive substances and oxygen venous system: which all the produced slags flow into lymphatic system: drains all the remained organic liquid in the tissues Connective Tissue

6 An inflammatory process, that affects the exchanges between capillaries and interstitial liquid, or an obstructed flow in the lymphatic system, reduces the draining function and causes an AEDEMA, i.e. a liquid increase in the cutaneous tissues. Swelling of adipose cells Hardening and enlargement of the collagen fibers Breakage of elastin fibers Slowing down of circulatory system Normal distribution of adipose cells Cutaneous tissue affected by Cellulitis

7 PEFS (Fibro Sclerotic Edematous Panniculitis): Chronic degenerative process of the connective subcutaneous tissue due to chronic microangiopathy with fibrosclerotic evolution. LOCALIZED FAT: localized concentrated adipose tissue. NOT SPONTANEOUSLY REGRESS THE TREATMENT OF THE CONNECTIVE LAYERS MUST RE-ESTABLISH THE PHISIOLOGIC CONDITIONS OF THE SUBCUTANEOUS TISSUE, AFTERWARDS, WE CAN ACT ON THE MACROSCOPIC ANAESTHETISMS

8 The special shape of the elastomeric membrane and the depression generated by the pneumatic circuit are the main features to obtain a deep mechanical massage. The suction motion and the shape of the interface membrane pulling vertically the skin, bending and pressing it, produces the blunt dissection of the bellow tissues. This action combined with the movement of the handpiece acts mechanically on the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue by stimulating the arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation, improving the reabsorption of stasis liquid and re- distributing the subcutaneous fat.

9 The elastomeric membrane is made of anti-allergic material and can be easily replaced or disinfected. Patients and staff are not only offered a high standard of safety and hygiene, but also patients do not need to wear a garment. The use of curative oils and creams beforehand makes the sliding on the patients skin easier and redoubles the benefits of the massage.

10 Ultrasound is an acoustic vibration with frequencies above the human audible (> 20 kHz). They are made of mechanic energy waves, that interact with the biological tissues carrying out a denaturizing of connective tissue and of structure of the molecules. This produces a metabolic and structural alteration of the treated cells. The interaction of the ultrasounds with the biological tissues produces: Mechanical Effects Cavitational Effects; Chemical Effects; Thermal Effects




14 H IGH B RILLIANCE H ANDPIECE L ED P HOTOTHERAPY Anti-Age Dermis Relaxation Reflexology Anti-Age Dermis Relaxation Reflexology

15 The LED (625 nm) technology belongs to a new generation of continuous light devices. Thanks to a special diode, a monochromatic continuous light is produced. It joins the characteristics of low-intensity continuous light with the high-intensity light system: in fact its medium intensity induces appreciable thermal effects, while its continuous emission stimulates strongly the MITOCHONDRIAs activity. High amounts of ROS (Radical Oxigen Singlet) are generated, which might destroy old collagen fibers, encouraging the formation of new ones, thus slowing down the natural ageing process. Anti-Age & Dermis Relaxation

16 Applications on feet and hands


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