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DN: Explain how plants regulate water loss

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1 AIM: What is the difference between aerobic and anaerobic cellular respiration?
DN: Explain how plants regulate water loss. Be sure to use the words stomates and guard cells in your explanation. HW: page # 14-16, 21, 22

2 What is the equation for Cellular Respiration?
C6H12O6 + O CO2 + H2O + ATP Releases CO2 by breaking down glucose molecules in the presence of O2 Energy in organic food molecules (glucose) is used to produce ATP- energy the body can use It is an enzyme controlled reaction


4 Where does cellular Respiration occur?

5 Two types of cellular respiration
Aerobic and anaerobic Oxygen No oxygen

6 Aerobic Respiration Uses O2 and glucose Raw materials= O2 and C6H12O6
End products= CO2, H2O and ATP

7 How do these material get into and out of our cells?
O2 (oxygen): breathe in, diffuses into blood and carried to cells C6H12O6 (Glucose): food we consume, diffused into blood and carried to cells


9 Do plants carry out aerobic respiration?

10 Why do ALL living things carry out cellular respiration?
To carry out life processes: metabolism

11 Anaerobic Cellular Respiration
Organisms make ATP (energy) without oxygen There are two types of anaerobic respiration Alcoholic fermentation Lactic Acid Fermentation

12 Alcoholic Fermentation
Yeast and bacteria Why does bread have so many holes? The gas that is released during fermentation creates bubbles and pockets that make bread rise

13 Lactic Acid Fermentation
Bacteria and animal muscle cells when they run out of O2

14 Alcoholic vs Lactic Acid Fermentation
What is the organic compound used by both? What is their main product? How are they different? Alcoholic fermentation produces Lactic Acid fermentation produces What organisms utilize alcoholic fermentation? What organisms utilize lactic acid fermentation?

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