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Конструкция “there is\there are”

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1 Конструкция “there is\there are”
Составитель: Голота Людмила Андреевна. Учитель английского языка МОУ «СОШ № 13» г. Воркуты

2 Read the text and try to translate it.
This is my room. It is nice and comfortable There are two beds in my room. There is a desk at the window. There are two shelves on the wall. There is a chair at the desk. There are nice small carpets on the floor. I like my room very much.

3 How to make sentences. There is in my room. There are in my room.

4 “There is” or “There are”?
There are two beds in my room

5 “There is” or “There are”?
There is a chair at the desk.

6 Fill in the gaps with “there is” or “there are”.
There … a wardrobe in the room. There … two chairs in the room. There … a sofa at the wall. There … two nice armchairs.

7 Make sentences. 1. carpet , there, on, is, the floor, a.
2. two, on, there ,the wall, modern, are, pictures. 3.there, a wardrobe, is, at , the wall. 4. is, a sofa, there, my room, in. 5.there, a coffee table, is, next to, the sofa. 6. in, two, my room, there, are, windows.

8 Describe the room. Use the words: There is two carpets on the floor
There are a bed on the wall a desk at the wall a chairs at the desk a wardrobe at the wall a bookcase next to the bed bookshelves on the desk a lamp on the shelves two pictures a telephone a lamp books

9 Draw your room and describe it.


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