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The Coral Reef Ecosystem…

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1 The Coral Reef Ecosystem…
Why is it important?

2 What do you know about coral reefs?

3 Is a coral reef alive?? YES!
A coral reef is actually made up of MILLIONS of coral polyps stuck together Coral polyps are shaped like a tube and have a stomach, mouth & tentacles

4 What types of plants and animals call the coral reef their home?

5 Did you know… Coral reefs are one of the oldest ecosystems on Earth
There are almost a million fish and other species that depend on coral reefs for survival 500 million people rely on coral reefs for their food and extracurricular activities Coral reefs have been used in the treatment of cancer, heart disease and HIV

6 Did you also know that coral reefs are…

7 What is causing destruction to the coral reefs??
Global warming Excessive fishing using inhumane fishing methods Scuba divers and their equipment Pollution from oil spills, pesticide runoff, sewage and sediment (from construction)

8 If the present rate of destruction continues, 70% of the world’s coral reefs will be destroyed by the year 2050…

9 What would life be like if the coral reefs were completely destroyed?
Is there anything we can do to help??

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