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Propaganda Techniques

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1 Propaganda Techniques
Appeals to Reason and Emotion

2 Propaganda Techniques
These are techniques that speakers, writers, politicians, and advertisers use to persuade people to think, act, or believe the way they, the senders, want. These techniques can be used in either good or bad ways. People should be aware of these techniques so that they can make informed decisions about issues in their lives.

3 Assertion An assertion is an enthusiastic or energetic statement that is presented as a fact, although it may or may not be true. Example: “If you use our product, you will lose weight!

4 Bandwagon Bandwagon is an appeal to the subject to follow the crowd or join the winning side because it is the most popular. It may also imply that since everyone else is doing a particular thing, the subject will be left out. Example: “Everyone’s running to join the Capstone team for the best satellite TV available today!”

5 Glittering Generalities
Glittering Generalities are words or statements that have very powerful positive connotations. They demand approval without thought or analysis.

6 Lesser of Two Evils/Either-Or Fallacy
The Lesser of Two Evils (or Either-Or Fallacy) technique presents only two choices or solutions to a problem, and then presents the one that is favored as the least offensive. Example: The choice is clear: either we ban all handguns, or we live in a world where children are shooting children in their schools.

7 Ad Hominem/Name Calling
Ad Hominem or Name Calling is when speakers or writers attack an enemy using negative or derogatory language or words. Example: “My opponent is a warmonger. He does not want a peaceful settlement!”

8 Pinpointing the Enemy Pinpointing the enemy is when a speaker or writer attempts to simplify a complex situation by identifying one specific group or person as the enemy. Example: “We cannot afford to let those who support the ACLU to compromise the American justice system!”

9 Plain Folks The Plain Folks propaganda technique attempts to convince people that the speaker or writer’s views are those of the common people, or that the speaker or writer is working for the benefit of the common person with his or her ideas. Example: “If you vote for me, I will not allow those Washington bureaucrats to undermine our traditional, small-town values!”

10 Simplification or Stereotyping
Simplification or Stereotyping is similar to Pinpointing the Enemy and Lesser of Two Evils. This technique either makes an enemy of a particular group or presents two very simple solutions to a problem—one good and one bad. Example: The illegal immigrants of this nation are polluting our culture and putting our nation in debt! Either we allow or illegal immigrants to stay, or we shut down our factories for lack of affordable workers!

11 Testimonials A testimonial is a quotation or endorsement, in or out of context, which may attempt to connect a famous or admirable person with a product or idea. Example: As a former pro-football player, I trust Advil to relieve my occasional aches and pains.

12 Transfer Very similar to testimonials sometimes, transfer attempts to make the audience or receivers view a certain item or idea in the same way they view another item or person. Example: Michael Jordan and Pepsi-Cola Example: NASCAR and Goody’s Powders Example: Charleton Heston and the NRA

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