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Earth’s Atmosphere.

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1 Earth’s Atmosphere

2 Atmosphere Thin layer of gases that surround and protect our planet. Consists of five layers that interact with each other to circulate these gases and protect us from the harms of space. Nitrogen 78% Oxygen 21% Argon .9% Carbon Dioxide .04% Other .06%

3 Troposphere The lowest layer of the atmosphere. This is where all life exists. 6-10 Miles from Earth This is the layer where clouds develop, birds fly, and pollution collects ( some pollutants escape to the next layer )

4 Stratosphere The second layer of the atmosphere. 10 – 30 Miles high This layer acts to slow down radiation and includes the Ozone Layer. The stratosphere has higher temperatures than troposphere due to the UV rays from the sun.

5 Ozone Layer The Ozone layer protects our planet from harmful UV (ultraviolet) radiation from the sun. A chemical reaction takes place absorbing the UV radiation and releasing IR (infrared) radiation. This process warms the stratosphere. Remember those pollutants from the Troposphere? They slowly break down the Ozone Layer.

6 Mesosphere The third layer of the atmosphere. 30 – 50 miles high The mesosphere is cooler than the Stratosphere and acts as a shield against space debris. Scientists know less about this layer than any other layer due to its difficulty to study.

7 Thermosphere The fourth layer of our atmosphere. 50 – 350 miles high Temperatures range from 500 – 2000 degrees Celsius. (932—3,632 degrees Fahrenheit) The space shuttles, ISS, and some satellites orbit Earth in the upper layer of the Thermosphere. Home of the Southern and Northern lights.

8 Ionosphere composed of highly charged particles in the atmosphere, Overlaps with and shares the same space with the electrically neutral thermosphere.

9 Exosphere The fifth and outermost layer of the atmosphere. The exosphere gradually becomes outer space so there is no clear height of this layer. Unstable molecules escape into space. This is where most satellites orbit the Earth

10 Earth’s Layers What is the function of the different layers? Do they serve any purpose?

11 Earth’s Layers Exosphere Ionosphere On the next available page, illustrate the layers of the atmosphere and label them with any information you find useful. Ozone Layer

12 Convection Convection is the transfer of heat by the actual movement of the heated material. Convection currents drive the weather.

13 Resources / Exploration
Five Layers:

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