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Persuasive Devices.

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1 Persuasive Devices

2 Three Main Appeals Logos Ethos Pathos

3 Logos Appeal to Logic Very straightforward No “fluff”
Has a very scientific, factual approach.

4 A full grown tiger can weigh up to 700 lbs.
Logos (cont.) Examples Facts Statistics Definitions Personal experience Observation A full grown tiger can weigh up to 700 lbs.

5 Ethos Appeal to ethics (character)
To make the audience decide right or wrong about what is being presented Political issues, national beliefs, religious issues, etc… In advertising, typically has contrasting colors symbolizing the difference between good and evil.

6 Ethos (cont.) Authority Education Expert Objective Associations

7 Pathos Appeal to Emotions Anger Frustration Compassion Sympathy

8 Pathos (cont.) To make the audience feel something about what is presented Children, animals, illness, memories, etc… “Tugs at your heart strings”

9 For ultimate persuasion…
Speeches and ads tend to utilize multiple appeals! For the case of this lesson or power point, pick the MOST emphasized appeal used in each ad

10 Logos, Ethos, or Pathos?

11 Logos, Ethos, or Pathos?

12 Logos, Ethos, or Pathos?

13 Logos, Ethos, or Pathos?

14 Logos, Ethos, or Pathos?

15 Logos, Ethos, or Pathos?

16 Logos, Ethos, or Pathos?

17 Homework! The End! Your homework is to find a print advertisement (school appropriate…when in doubt don’t do it) that appeals to your sense of logic, emotions, or ethics. Answer the questions regarding your ad.

18 Rhetorical Devices Rhetorical Question Parallel Structure Alliteration
Imagery The “Rule of Three” Repetition Hyperbole Allusion

19 Rhetorical Question A question that gets asked that the speaker/author does NOT want and answer for. Example: Can we really expect the school to keep paying from its limited resources?

20 Parallel Structure Structuring sentences or phrases similarly for emphasis Example: The salesman expected that he would present his product at the meeting, that there would be time for him to show his slide presentation, and that prospective buyers would ask him questions.

21 Alliteration Repetition of the consonant letters at the beginning of words. (There can also be assonance which is the repetition of vowel sounds.) Example: Callous, calculating cruelty - is this what we must expect?

22 Imagery Metaphor: comparing two things; symbol
Example: My mother is the glue that holds our family together Simile: comparison using like or as Example: Her skin was pale as moon light. Personification: giving human characteristics to ideas, objects, or animals Example:The ancient car groaned into third gear.

23 Rule of Three Listing three things for balance and emphasis
Example: The pain, the fear, the destruction are all the same.

24 Repetition Repeating a word or phrase for emphasis
Example: “We shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France…” Winston Churchill

25 Hyperbole An over-exaggeration used for effect
Example: While we await your decision, the whole school holds its breath.

26 Allusion A short, informal reference to a famous person or event
Example: Christy didn't like to spend money. She was no Scrooge, but she seldom purchased anything except the bare necessities.

27 Persuasion in Advertising/ Propaganda

28 Persuasion in Advertising
Bandwagon Card Stacking Glittering Generalities Magic Ingredients Name Calling Plain Folks Transfer Testimonial

29 Bandwagon Trying to get people to go with the crowd (the trendy or in things) Example: newest technology

30 Card Stacking Only giving the positive side of a product or service; ignores negatives Example: pharmaceutical ads

31 Glittering Generality
Positive words or phrases with a “feel good” quality; leaves a nice impression without making a guarantee Example: Soap that makes you feel refreshed.

32 Magic Ingredients The suggestion that a miraculous discovery makes a product effective Example: ads for diet pills

33 Name Calling Putting down the competition to promote your product, service, etc. Example: political advertising

34 Plain Folks Tries to appeal to the “average Joe”
Example: Goldberg and Osbourne commercials with “real” clients; Geico commercials

35 Transfer Words or images that arouse emotions or that connect to morals, values, and beliefs Example: Use of an American Flag

36 Testimonial Using a famous spokesperson to endorse a product or service Example: Proactiv, athletic shoes

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