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1 SQL Server 2008 – Management Studio

2 Overview Central location for database administration and development Supports most administrative tasks for SQL Server. A single, integrated environment for SQL Server Database Engine management and authoring. Non-modal and resizable dialogs allow access to multiple tools while a dialog is open. A common scheduling dialog that allows you to perform action of the management dialogs at a later time. An integrated Web browser for quick browsing of MSDN or online help. A new activity monitor with filtering and automatic refresh. Integrated Database Mail interfaces.

3 Getting down and dirty You can launch it from Start menu or File location C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Tools\Binn\VSShell\Common7\IDE First we will discuss the general layout including File Menu Toolbar Registered Server Object Explorer Code area

4 File and Toolbar Menu Lots of information here, some of the highlights are: File – Connect object explorer Edit – Advanced View – Windows Tools – Profiler, Tuning Wizards, Option Windows – Switch between windows and change layout Help – great resource for several topics Toolbar Demo

5 Registered Servers You group the server by functional areas Add or remove server registration Customize connection property Export and import server list to and from another server Demo

6 Object Explorer This is what I call “Meat and potatoes” part of management studio You can connect to difference SQL Server services Ability to change server and database configuration settings When you connect to the database engine, there is a hierarchy of objects grouped by logical areas Filter option to limit the number of displayed objects Customized context menu for quick tasks Demo

7 Miscellaneous Topics Built in reporting functionality on server and database status Powerful scripting capabilities available at multiple locations Some Intellisense available in Query Window

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