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What is Health? Basic Health Definition and Terms.

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1 What is Health? Basic Health Definition and Terms

2 What is Your Definition of Health???? People commonly think of “Health” as just the absence of illness…. But it is much more than that..

3 HEALTH is defined as…. The well being of your body, your mind, and your relationships with other people. (physical, mental and social well being)

4 Physical Health You eat well - good nutrition You exercise You get good sleep each night You do not abuse your body with the use drugs or alcohol.

5 Social Health You are able to get along with others: even if they are different than you You have friends You ask for help when you need it and are able to help others when they need help

6 More areas of Social Health…. You can communicate well You are able to share your feelings with others You have healthy dating relationships You are able to be strong in what you believe in and not give in to peer pressure.

7 You like yourself: good self esteem You are able to express emotions appropriately You set goals for yourself both long term and short term goals Mental Health

8 More areas of Mental Health… You use your mind to develop thinking skills, learning, and understanding You have healthy ways to cope with sadness and/or stress You are able to make good healthy decisions You have a positive attitude


10 HEREDITARY INFLUENCES Traits passed on by parents - can affect health in many ways. You can not do much to prevent these Examples: Cancers Diabetes Disabilities-mental or physical. Tendency towards high blood pressures

11 ENVIRONMENTAL INFLUENCES : Physical and social conditions that surround a person and the influences they have on a person’s health. Example: water quality, radiation from sun, noises, workplace conditions, (smoke- filled), chemicals. You can do things to help reduce your risks - sunscreen, avoid waters, etc.

12 Behavioral INFLUENCES Result from your actions and decisions. It is totally up to you. You have control over these. It is the choices you make. Examples: risks you take - smoking, drinking and driving, poor nutrition, drugs, anger problems, etc.

13 BEHAVIORAL…. Totally up to you, has to do with YOUR CHOICES and ACTIONS….. The other two aren’t as much under your control…. But it’s good to know they are risk factors… Which influence affects teens the most?

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