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The Present Progressive Tense

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1 The Present Progressive Tense
Page 308 Realidades 1

2 Present Progressive We use the present tense to talk about an action that always or often takes place or that is happening now.

3 Present Progressive Ellos comen ensaladas. They eat salads.
They are eating salads.

4 Present Progressive We use the present progressive tense when we want to emphasize that something is happening right now.

5 Present Progressive Ellos están comiendo ensaladas.
They are eating salads. (right now)

6 Present Progressive están comiendo Present tense form of “estar”

7 comiendo Present Progressive -er present participle Stem of ending

8 Present Progressive To make the present participle, Use the endings:
iendo for -er / -ir verbs ando for -ar verbs

9 Present Progressive Let’s do an -AR verb in the present progressive.

10 TO DANCE I am dancing You are dancing He, She, It is dancing
We are dancing They are dancing

11 BAILAR Estoy bailando Estás bailando Está bailando Estamos bailando
Están bailando

12 TO EAT I am eating You are eating He, She, It is eating We are eating
They are eating

13 COMER Estoy comiendo Estás comiendo Está comiendo Estamos comiendo
Están comiendo

14 TO WRITE I am writing You are writing He, She, It is writing
We are writing They are writing

15 ESCRIBIR Estoy escribiendo Estás escribiendo Está escribiendo
Estamos escribiendo Están escribiendo

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