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Rogue Wave By: Theodore Taylor.

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1 Rogue Wave By: Theodore Taylor

2 Objective The students will be able to identify, analyze, and make inferences about the elements of plot in a short story.

3 Plot Have you ever heard of the word plot before?
If so, what do you think it means?

4 Plot Plot is the organized pattern or sequence of events that make up a story. Every plot is made up of a series of incidents that are related to one another.

5 Elements of Plot Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action

6 Before we Read Establish a purpose for reading.
As we read, think about how the author builds a sense of excitement and anticipation throughout the short story.

7 Plot Graphic Organizer

8 Exposition Usually occurs at the beginning of the story.
Where the characters are introduced. Also learn about the setting of the story. Introduced to the main conflict of the story. ( main problem)

9 Rising Action Part of the story begins to develop the conflict.
Where the building of interest or suspense happens.

10 Climax The turning point of the story.
Where the main character comes face-to-face with a conflict. The main character will change in some way.

11 Falling Action The conflict and climax are taken care of.
All loose ends of the plot are tied up.

12 Resolution Where the story comes to a reasonable ending.

13 Let’s Practice Read “The Three Little Pigs” silently to yourself.
Identify the elements of the plot of the story and be ready to share with others.

14 How comfortable to you feel?
Use the rating scale to evaluate how comfortable you feel with identifying the plot of a short story.

15 Inferences Making an inference involves the following:
Using personal experience/ background knowledge Information from the text

16 What is the purpose of inferencing?
To predict outcomes Draw logical conclusions

17 Stem Questions Why do you think__________________?
What do you think caused _________________? What clues lead you to believe _______________? How does the author show ____________? What information supports the conclusion that____?

18 Inference Graphic Organizer
You will need 1 sheet of paper Fold it into 3 sections Label it as follows: Text Clues + What I know = Inference

19 Let’s Practice

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