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2 Software Requirement Operating System Internet Browser Silverlight
Window XP -> Window 7 Internet Browser IE Version 7 -> IE Version 11 Silverlight JUPEM2U will auto prompt for installation when user access JUPEM2U Web Portal (Apply to PC Without Silverlight Plugin Only) Dot Net Framework 3.5 sp1 & above Hardware requirement(s) is subject to the compatibility with Windows Operating System version.

3 Frequently Encounter Issue
If Client PC - Unable to Load JUPEM2U Frequently Encounter Issue

4 1. Clear internet temp file

5 Click on the Tool Button
Drop Down list as above will be display Select the Internet Options to continue

6 Select the General Tab Delete the History, and Temp File Check all the Items to be Delete, Click on the ‘Delete’ button to continue.

7 2. Disc Cleanup

8 Select C Drive, then click on the ‘OK’ button to continue
Select Disk Cleanup from the Startup Menu Wait for the Calculating Process to be complete

9 Select all the unnecessary Files, then click on the ‘OK’ button to continue

10 3. Reinstall silverlight

11 Uninstall Silverlight
Click on the ‘Programs and Features’ button to continue

12 Uninstall the Silverlight component

13 Re-install Silverlight
J2U web page will prompt for Silverlight installation if system detected the Client PC is not installed with Silverlight Plug In Follow the step by step instruction prompt by the system to complete the installation. If Windows prompted updates for Silverlight, please allows it to proceed. Restart the IE at the end of the installation

14 4. Other Options After the all above attempts has been taken , problem persist, and user may consider to try the following: Reinstall Internet Explorer or Restore Window to Earlier Restore Point

15 Unable to View Attachment
5. Add trusted site

16 6. Unexpected Screen/Message Box
Case 2 Case 1 Close the IE.

17 7. Set Trusted Site Click ‘Tools’-> ‘Internet Options‘
Dialog box as shows will be display Click on the ‘Security’ Tab

18 Set Trusted Site Click on the ‘Trusted Sites’ Click ‘Sites’

19 Click on the ‘Add’ button
Ensure ‘Require server verification ( for all sites in this zone’ is uncheck. Click ‘Close’

20 8. Unable to download attachment

21 Click on the ‘Tools’ button, select Internet Option, and then ‘Privacy’ Tab.
Uncheck the ‘Turn on Pop-up Blocker’ checkbox to allow attahcment to download

22 9. Usage of IE 10

23 Compatibility View Problem encounter such as out-of-place menus, images or text not being display as usual

24 Click the COMPATIBLE View icon, whereby the Websites designed for Older Browsers will often look better.


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