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Enriched Art III & AP Positive versus Negative Space and the Figure/Ground Relationship.

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1 Enriched Art III & AP Positive versus Negative Space and the Figure/Ground Relationship

2 What is Positive Space in Art? Technical definition : the areas of an artwork that IS the primary subject or object. Positive Space defines the subjects outline.outline.

3 What is Negative Space in Art? Technical Definition: the space that surrounds the positive shapes in a composition The image now takes a different turn when only the negative space is addressed….as demonstrated in the image in the bottom right

4 What does “Figure/Ground” Relationship mean? A figure (form) is always seen in relation to what surrounds it ( ground, or background )–letters to a page, a building to its site, a sculpture to the space within it and around it, the subject of a photograph to its setting and so on. A black shape on a black field is not visible without separation and contrast, form disappears.

5 What’s the difference between Positive/Negative & Figure/Ground? Positive/Negative is the physical outline of the subject and its’ background space as a shape Figure/Ground is the relationship between the positive and negative shapes in a composition but not limited to 2 dimensional appearance Both technically mean the same thing, but Fig/Grd can be defined by the shape of the subject and/or its meaning Ex: It can be defined by how the chair looks in the space or what t

6 Positive/Negative Designs


8 Figure/Ground Relationships

9 Negative Space Look how each of these demonstrates the beauty of negative space rather than emphasizing the subjects

10 Your Project: As seen in this image, the positive space is handled with a plain outline, nothing else, and only the negative space is addressed. Notice how the positive shapes ultimately break up the negative space creating a great figure/ground relationship in the composition

11 Directions: 1. Create 3 simple contour line drawings in your sketchbook of observable subject matter and SOLIDLY color in the negative space with pencil, ink, marker…whatever!

12 Continued… 2. Choose 1 sketch that has the best figure/ground relationship within the composition 3. Develop the selected sketch to fit a 15” x 20” illustration board. 4. Create a pattern or theme in the negative space only! The pattern should reflect the subject matter or message of the piece. 5. This piece can be completed in any media you desire! It may be in color or black/white…BE CREATIVE!!

13 AP Assignment: 1. Compose 3-5 contour/line drawings of interesting & observable subject matter. Pick subjects that are both familiar & unfamiliar; perhaps even arranging subjects together to create an interesting dynamic 2.Divide each of the line drawings in several sections. Sections can be vertical/horizontal, diagonal, or organic in nature. 3.Solidly darken in some sections. 4.In the remaining sections, address the other sections by addressing the positive shapes with detail, value and texture.

14 Continued… Project: 1. Pick one of the sketches and finish with any media you desire. Demonstrate understanding of fig/grd relationship in the overall use of space, as well as, the negative space vs. positive space within the composition. Example on the right:

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