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Theme in Literature.

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1 Theme in Literature

2 Definition Theme: The central message or insight into life revealed through a literary work

3 Examples: Star Wars Good is more powerful than Evil Finding Nemo
Children need freedom and trust to grow strong Friendship helps make the impossible possible

4 Basic Characteristics
A theme may be stated or implied It’s a generalized statement Involves a statement or opinion about the topic Not every literary work has a theme There is usually no single correct statement of a work’s theme, though there can be incorrect ones. Themes may be major or minor

5 A Theme is NOT plot summary
A statement that contains character’s names or events from the story– it’s general a motif (usually a one-word description) Loneliness = motif Loneliness kills hope = theme

6 Constructing a Theme Theme = Subject + Author’s comment on that subject (major motif/concept in the story) (states author’s opinion, conclusions about the subject) Using this formula will yield a complete sentence about a major idea in the work.

7 Subject + Author’s comment on that subject
Prejudice is difficult to overcome since it is essentially irrational.

8 How Do Authors Express Themes?
In 4 primary ways: The way the characters change The nature of the conflicts in the story How the conflicts are resolved The statements made by the narrator or characters

9 Questions that help: What are the traits of the main character? What are his/her needs and desires? Do they stay the same all the way through? Are we supposed identify with him/her? What are main and minor conflicts? Character vs. character? Character vs. society or nature? Character vs. self? How are those conflicts resolved? What did the main character learn? How did he/she change? Are there any important symbols or motifs that are repeated? Is the title a clue?

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