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New Curriculum, SATs and assessment arrangements for 2016.

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1 New Curriculum, SATs and assessment arrangements for 2016

2 New National Curriculum became compulsory in 2014 More challenging but less broad content Aims to ensure children have more depth and understanding to their knowledge Assessment of children's ability using "levels" has been abolished Aims to avoid what was termed ‘The Level Race’, where children were moved through the old National Curriculum levels quickly to achieve higher attainment, which often left gaps in their learning For example by the end of Year 6 some children were achieving Level 5 and 6 in a test but were not secure at that level New National Curriculum

3 Each year group now has a banding for the children within it rather than levels. Teachers plan towards age related expectations. Working below age related expectations Working at age related expectations Working above expectations ( Mastery / More able) By the end of the Year 6 the expectation will be that the majority of pupils will achieve age related expectations. Only exceptional children will be working below or above age related. The DfE now want children who are working above expectations to add more depth and breadth to their knowledge and to have more opportunities to develop their using and applying skills. They are calling this phase of learning “Mastery and Depth.” How are children awarded a grade in the no level system?

4 The Standards and Testing Agency (STA) is changing the tests so that they assess the new curriculum From 2016, scaled scores will be used to report national curriculum test outcomes 100 will always represent the ‘national standard’. However, due to the small differences in difficulty between tests, the ‘raw score’ (ie the total number of correct responses) that equates to 100 might be different (though similar) each year. A pupil who achieves the national standard will have demonstrated sufficient knowledge in the areas assessed by the tests. This will mean that they are well placed to succeed at KS3. How will SATs change for year 6 pupils in 2016?

5 SATs RESULT Each pupil registered for the tests will receive: a raw score (number of raw marks awarded) a scaled score confirmation of whether or not they attained the national standard TEACHER ASSESSMENT Pupils will also receive a teacher assessment of how the child has attained at the end of KS2. Evidence taken throughout the year. English (Reading, Writing and Speaking and listening) Maths Science What can parents expect to receive about their child’s end of KS2 attainment?

6 What will the new 2016 SATs look like? English Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling



9 Reading SATS

10 Maths SATS

11 Paper 1 - Arithmetic

12 Paper 2 and 3 - Reasoning


14 Monday 9 th May – Friday 13 th May SATs week

15 Ensure homework throughout the year is completed. More focussed SATS revision homework given from term 3. Purchase revision guides to support learning Take advantage of the SATs week early morning breakfast

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