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Chapter 1: Earth Movements Quiz Review Game

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1 Chapter 1: Earth Movements Quiz Review Game

2 Tricky Taboo: Round 1 of 4 Revolution Earth Axis Shadow Night

3 Tricky Taboo: 2 of 4 Rotation Sun Seasons Tilt Day

4 Tricky Taboo: 3 of 4 Winter Earth Sun June 21 24 hours

5 Trick Taboo: 4 of 4 Spring Solar System Arctic Circle 365 days orbit

6 Name that Season The Earth is tilting away from the Sun.
The Sun’s rays are directly hitting that part of the Earth. The Sun’s rays evenly hit the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. People that live near the Arctic Circle have these two seasons only. When it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere, it is ___________________ in the Northern Hemisphere. Winter Summer Spring and fall Winter and summer

7 Rotation, Revolution, or Both?
The spinning of the Earth on its axis The movement that takes one day Movement that causes seasons to change Movement of Earth around the Sun Movement that causes shadows to change Rotation Revolution Both

8 Group Challenge Why do we have seasons?
Tilt of the Earth’s axis Earth revolves around the Sun Why does the sky get dark at night? Side of world is faces away from the Sun How long does it take the Earth to complete one revolution? 365 days How are the seasons different above the Artic Circle compared to where we live? Only two seasons (winter and summer) We have four seasons Why don’t all parts of the Earth experience the same seasons at the same time? Light hits Earth in different ways because of tilt of axis

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