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Phrases Week 3 Grammar.

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1 Phrases Week 3 Grammar

2 What is a phrase? A phrase is a group of words without a verb.
For example: with a blue dress kicking a ball in the room

3 Types of phrases The type of phrase depends on the part of speech it is representing. There are four different types of phrases: Adjective phrase Adverbial phrase Noun phrase Participial phrase

4 Adjective phrase This phrase does the word of an adjective.
It tells us more about a noun or a pronoun and should be placed as near as possible to that word. For example: The boy with red hair is from new Zealand

5 Adverbial phrase This phrase does the word of an adverb.
It tells us more about the action of a verb. It tells us how, when or where an action is performed. For example: The accident happened near the intersection. (adverbial phrase of place) The dog barked with great ferocity. (adverbial phrase of manner) Michael will be here in a short time. (adverbial phrase of time)

6 Noun phrase This phrase does the work of a noun; it names something.
For example: The result of the football match is still not known

7 Participial phrase A participle is a word formed from a verb and used as an adjective or noun (burnt toast, for example). A participial phrase begins with a participle. For example: The boy kicking the football is my nephew. Picking up my school-bag, I boarded the bus.

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