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Making a Sprite Dance Barb Ericson Georgia Tech June 2011.

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1 Making a Sprite Dance Barb Ericson Georgia Tech June 2011

2 Goals Learn about –Deleting a sprite –Adding a sprite with several costumes –Programming the sprite – creating scripts The typical way to start a script executing Using a forever block to repeat execution of a set of blocks How to change the costume in a script How to make build in an amount of time to wait before executing the next block

3 Project Description We will make a sprite with more than one costume look like it is dancing by repeatedly changing costumes

4 Big Picture Delete cat sprite Add a sprite from the people folder –Add multiple costumes for the sprite Program the sprite to look like it is dancing –Start dancing when the green flag is clicked –Forever loop (repeat) Change the costume to the next costume Wait for a short amount of time Then try out some additional things like adding sound or movement

5 Delete cat sprite To delete the cat –Click the scissors –Click the cat Or right click on the cat and select delete

6 Add a Sprite Add a sprite from the "People" folder –Click on the star with a folder under the stage view –Select the People folder

7 Add a Sprite (continued) Scroll down to pictures of Cassy and select one of the costumes Then click "OK"

8 Add more costumes Click on the "Costumes" tab in the center area Click on "Import" Select another costume for the same sprite –Then add more

9 Program the sprite Create a script for the sprite –Click on "Scripts" in center area –Click on "Control on left" –Drag out a "when green flag clicked"

10 Program the sprite -cont Drag out a forever block –From the Control category –And connect it under the "when green flag clicked" You will see a white line where it will connect

11 Program the sprite - cont Click on the Looks category – Purple –And drag out a "next costume" block –Put it inside the "forever" block

12 Program the sprite Click on the "Control" category –Drag out a "wait 1 secs" block and put it after the "next costume" block –Inside the "forever" loop

13 Program the sprite Change the wait time to 0.25 seconds –Click on the 1 and it will highlight –Type in 0.25 – Hit return (enter)

14 Try it out Click the green flag to start the script –At the top right corner Click the red stop sign to stop

15 Challenges Play a drum when she changes costume –See the "Sound" category Move her right and left as she dances –See the "Motion" category

16 Concept Summary Sprites –Can be added from a file –Can have multiple costumes –Can be programmed with scripts You can start a script –By clicking the green flag You can repeat a block of code –Using a forever loop –Or pause execution using wait

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