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Streaming mit Microsoft Frank Koch (Bern) Technologieberater Developer & Platform Group Microsoft Schweiz GmbH

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1 Streaming mit Microsoft Frank Koch (Bern) Technologieberater Developer & Platform Group Microsoft Schweiz GmbH

2 2007 Viele Webseiten setzen heute auf Videos, 1996

3 ~12% des Webtraffics kommt von Youtube Web Video Ad Revenue is SoaringGrowing Broadband Adoption 55% of online video consumed will be user- generated (by 2010) (Source: Screen Digest December 2006) Video streams viewed per month will rise from 3bn (2006) to 12.4bn (2010) (Source: Parks & Assoc. 12/2006)

4 Streaming ist ein wichtiger Teil von Silverlight

5 Streaming ist aber nur ein Teil von Silverlight Legend V1.1 Legend V1.0 CLR Execution Engine.NET for Silverlight Framework HTML DOM Integration XAML Presentation Core Networking JSON RESTPOX RSS Data LINQXLINQ DLR RubyPython WPF Extensible Controls BCL GenericsCollections Inputs Keyboard MouseInk Media VC1 WMAMP3 Browser Host Integrated Networking Stack Installer Application Services MS AJAX Library UI Core Images Vector Text Animation DRM Media Controls Layout Editing

6 Microsoft bietet eine komplette Streamingplattform Windows Media & VC-1 Ecosystem Windows Media & VC-1 Ecosystem Web Experiences / RIA Web Browser (Win & Mac) Web Browser (Win & Mac) Desktop Applications Desktop Applications HD-DVD IPTV Media Center Media Center Windows Media Player Windows Media Player Emerging Xbox 360 Xbox 360 Media Devices Media Devices Phones Consumer Electronics Devices Consumer Electronics Devices VC-1 Open Standard VC-1 Open Standard Other Media Clients

7 Die Streaming Plattform ist vollkommen renoviert Create Expression Media Encoder for publishing with Silverlight Expression Blend for creating media experiences + Existing ecosystem of WMV technology partners / solution providers Experience Interactivity, video, and animation in browser and/or full screen Seamless, Fast Installation for End Users Consistent experience on Mac and Windows Distribute Up to 2x streaming scalability over Windows Server 2003 New Secure content delivery over SSL and Cache/Proxy support New IIS7 Media Pack with bit-rate throttling for lower cost for downloaded media

8 Erstellen Sie Ihre eigenen Inhalte mit Microsoft Expression Encoder Quality Stunning video quality up to HD (720p) & 5.1 sound DVD-like interactivity and overlays Flexible Development Integrate w/ existing AJAX frameworks SMPTE-standard VC-1, WMV & MP3 Delivery Live Streaming or On-Demand Performance, scale and cost advantages over other solutions

9 Demo: Encoder Expression Encoder vs. Windows Media Encoder

10 Whether you are designing rich standards-based websites, ultimate experiences on the desktop, or managing digital assets and content, Expression professional design tools give you the flexibility and freedom to bring your vision to reality. The professional Web design tool The professional Interactive design tool The professional Graphic design tool The professional Asset Management tool

11 Tipps zum Encoden For consumer-quality video capture, use a device that support USB 2.0 or Firewire (1394) For professional quality, use a high-quality video capture device that supports at least standard definition and up to 720p

12 Delivering Rich Media

13 Medien können vom Webserver oder den Mediaservices kommen

14 Die Funktionsweise eines Webservers… Web server: Block delivery Web server measured in block throughput Browser measured in rendering WEB Server http

15 …unterscheidet sich von Media Services Media server: stream delivery Media server measured in stream reliability Client measured in smart buffering Media Service IIS 7.0 & MP rtsp / http (throttle)

16 Windows Server 2008 unterstützt beide Verteiloptionen optimal Windows Server 2008 Leverage existing Web sites and optimize bandwidth usage with new bit rate throttling IIS7 + IIS Media Pack Built-in bit rate throttling, plus live streaming and powerful administrative control over rich media delivery WMS

17 Demo: Netzwerktraffic Webserver vs. Windows Media Services

18 Drop-off point in videos: = 38% Typical video site < 20% Warum überhaupt der Aufwand? ThrottledNot Throttled Wasted bandwidth

19 Windows 20008 Rich Media Verteilung Windows Server 2008 A type of streaming in which the audio or video file begins to play after a certain minimum amount of data has been transferred... IIS + IIS Media Pack provides: Consolidated web site management Bit rate throttling Extending existing IIS7 Web sites Scenario: You are hosting Web sites for customers who also want to provide media downloads A type of streaming in which the audio or video file begins to play after a certain minimum amount of data has been transferred... IIS + IIS Media Pack provides: Consolidated web site management Bit rate throttling Extending existing IIS7 Web sites Scenario: You are hosting Web sites for customers who also want to provide media downloads Progressive Download Multimedia that is continuously received by, and normally displayed to, the end user while it is being delivered by provider. Windows Media Server: Live streaming Built-in bit rate throttling Fast forward/fast rewind Built-in proxy/cache Advanced fast start Scenario: You want to broadcast a live event, like a baseball game (MLB). Streaming


21 Media Service s bieten Hochverfügbarkeit

22 Wieviele Clients können bedient werden?

23 Welche Bandbreiten sind realistisch (UC)? 5.1 sound ab 128 Kbps HD Movie content deutlich höher (700 Kbps+) Benötigte Netzwerk Kapazität = Content bit rate x Clients Content bit rate ~ Dateigrösse / Spielzeit [sec] Beispiel: 2 Mbyte Datei ~ 16,000,000 bits; 1½ Minuten Spieldauer (90 sec) Netzwerkkapazität pro Stream: ~ 180 Kbps bei 500 gleichzeitigen Zuschauern: 90 Mbps (100 Mbps reicht nicht!) Fast streaming Technologie für bessere Client Experience Fast start (höhere Bandbreite bis Cache gefüllt) Advanced start (Player startet bevor Cache gefüllt) Fast Cache: Schnelleres Nachfüllen des Cache Variable Bit Rate

24 Progressive Download Tips Adjust bandwidth limit per connection to 110% of content bit-rate to accommodate network glitches. Set initial burst time to be =>2 times the pre-roll value of your content for faster startup

25 Ergebnisse aus dem Testlab*… * Whitepaper Optimizing Microsoft Windows Media Services 9 Series, Microsoft

26 Prozessoren sind nicht alles* Bottleneck is most often Disk I/O (Windows Server caches files, though!) Avoid processor utilization >25 % avg. to allow peaks for other tasks (connections) 100mbit card:1 proc 1gbit card: 2 proc Wireless clients: 4 procs * Whitepaper Optimizing Microsoft Windows Media Services 9 Series, Microsoft

27 Tipps für Windows Media Services Bessere Skalierung durch Trennung Encoder / Streaming Server 2 publishing points wg. Connections Belastung Bessere Netzanbindung (full duplex) Mehr Server Management Pack zur Überwachung mit OpsMgr Beispiele (bei gleicher Hardware) X64 bietet rund 40% mehr Skalierung (Caching) Windows 2003 Scalable Networking Pack: nochmals 40% Windows 2008 network offload technologies verdoppelt Skalierung Windows 2008 Server Core: erhöhte Verfügbarkeit (weniger Patches)

28 Weitere Streaming Performance Tipps Disable buffering on broadcast publishing points for synchronous events Set a higher acceleration bandwidth limit when serving high bit-rate content (the default is 3.5Mbps) If you set up both IIS and WMS on the same box, assign the WMS server to a different port or IP address to avoid HTTP port 80 contention

29 Demo: Tuning Windows Media Services Windows Media Services in Windows 2003 SP2

30 Die Entscheidung Webserver / Media Services hängt aber auch von weiteren Faktoren ab Media Services Zwingend für Livestreaming Encoder Roll-over Multicast fähig Weltweite Content Netzwerke Höhere Skalierung protocol roll-over Client feedback (VBR) Bessere Bandbreitennutzung Smart Caching Smart Start Smart Forward Kaum Proxy Unterstützung Eigener Cache-Server Web Server Ideal für download & play Hohe Bitraten, kleinere Files Unabhängig vom Webserver Vorteile Windows 2008 Kann Proxyserver passieren http vs. rtsp Kein Feedback vom Client Keine variable Bandbreite Kein Smart caching Kein Smart start Bandbreiten Verluste Zuviel Content übertragen

31 Und wenn Sie nicht selber streamen möchten: Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live Provides developers a free, scalability-on-demand solution for Silverlight Free, 4GB hosting and streaming You build the application, we deliver the scale 700 kbps peak (4min video max or 300 kbps / 10min) You can use playlists to connect files, though Creation Experience Silverlight Streaming Windows Live Platform

32 Fassen wir zusammen: Microsoft Confidential, DO NOT disclose until April 16 th, 2007, 12:01 am EST

33 Studien (RampRate) sprechen für Windows Servern The majority of survey respondents report higher costs with Flash, even at bulk rates (Source: RampRate 04/2007) 80% of respondents would be interested in deploying a solution that offers strengths of Windows Media with the cross-platform interactivity of Flash (Source: RampRate 04/2007) Scalability with Flash has been reported by customers as 3-4 times lower than WMS (Source: RampRate 04/2007) Cost of an entry-level streaming server is nearly 50% lower for Windows Media when compared to Flash + Linux Microsoft Confidential, DO NOT disclose until April 16 th, 2007, 12:01 am EST

34 Ein Kostenvergleich der Plattformen zeigt dies auch FeatureSilverlight.NET 3.0Adobe Flash 9 Rich 2D animation/graphics w/ audio and video Industry standard video codec Scalable video format from HD to mobile Hardware-assisted editing and encoding solutions XML (XAML) -Based Presentation layer for SEO Choice of standards-based and high-performance languages E2E Server & Application Platform Media Server Licensing (Unlimited Bandwidth) $999 $4500 Content Access Protection (DRM) Client side playlists for ad-insertion Robust Video Publishing Tools and 3 rd Party Ecosystem High-performance, multi-core enabled client Scalable Full Screen video up to HD (720p) Native support for device-based video Offline, Document support Client Size~2MB~50MB~2MB Supported Operating SystemsWindows /MacWindows Windows/Mac/Linux 11/19/2006 Experience Deliver Create

35 © 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.

36 Ihr Proxyserver redet jedoch auch noch mit Windows Server 2008 brings both together Mediapack for IIS 7.0 You can deliver Windows Media-based content either from a server running Windows Media Services or from a Web server. However, a Windows Media server is designed specifically for streaming Windows Media-based content; a standard Web server is not. If you decide to use a Web server, be aware of the following differences in the way the content is delivered, which can affect the playback quality: The method of sending data differs between a Web server and a Windows Media server. A Web server is designed to send as much data as it can, as quickly as possible. This is the preferred method for sending static images, text, and Web page scripts, but it is not the best method for streaming digital media. Ideally, the data packets for streaming media content should be delivered in real time, not in large bursts, and players should receive packets immediately before rendering them. A Windows Media server regulates the delivery of packets according to feedback information it receives while sending a stream to a player and according to the configuration of certain features, such as Fast Cache and Fast Start. When a player receives packets in this way, the presentation is much more likely to be smooth. Because bandwidth use is controlled, more users can connect at the same time and still receive streams that are free of interruptions. Web servers do not support multiple-bit-rate (MBR) video. When a file streams from a Web server, the quality of the delivery is not monitored and the bit rate cannot be adjusted, which can cause the playback quality to vary during the duration of the stream and can result in a poor user experience. Web servers cannot use the preferred delivery protocol for streaming media, User Datagram Protocol (UDP), so delivery of a stream is more likely to be interrupted by periods of silence while the player buffers data. Web servers do not support live streaming or multicast streams. Web servers do not support indexed Windows Media files. (Indexing provides users with a means of fast-forwarding and rewinding through a file that is streaming.) A Windows Media server includes built-in monitoring and logging capabilities with which you can gather valuable information about your streaming media session and its audience. Note There are times when you may prefer to stream from a Web serverfor example, if you plan to offer only a small amount of content or if you have a site with limited resources. A Web server can also be used for downloading files that you do not intend to stream, such as files with a high bit rate that are intended for local playback only. For more information, see Streaming from a Web Server.Streaming from a Web Server

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