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Neno Loje MVP für Team System Highlights für Entwickler.

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1 Neno Loje MVP für Team System Highlights für Entwickler


3 Komplexität meistern "Code-Focused" Zusammenhänge verstehen "No More, No Repro"



6 Microsoft Test Manager 2010 Test Case Management Fast Forward for Manual Testing Manual Testing Lab Mgmt Config. Checkpoint Environment Environment from Template Virtual Env. Setup/Tear Down Reporting Team Portal Test Case Management Branch Visualization Version Control Build Automation Gated Check-in Agile Planning Tools Team Explorer Team Agents

7 Einleitung Highlight 1 Highlight 2 Highlight 3 Highlight 4 Highlight 5 Highlight 6

8 Kreuzfahrt durch die Visual Studio 2010-IDE


10 File Bug Resolve as No Repro Resolve as No Repro Hand-off to Test Test Code Hand-off to Dev Investigate Bug Write Code

11 The tester files an actionable bug which includes: Steps to reproduce System information Screen shots Full screen video, indexed IntelliTrace debug log Test environment

12 Highlight #1


14 Hello World mit IntelliTrace

15 Aufnehmen Abspielen Zurückspulen

16 Aufnehmen Visual Studio 2010 Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) Abspielen Visual Studio 2010 Zurückspulen Visual Studio 2010


18 Highlight #2

19 Works with Code Coverage data in TFS. Compares code changes with coverage data. Recommends tests to run based on coverage impacted.

20 Test Impact Analysis in Aktion

21 Automated Impacted Tests Test Impact View TFS Manual Impacted Tests Microsoft Test Manager Team Build Report

22 Highlight #3

23 Which branches contain my change? Which builds contain my change? Where did this change originate? What is the purpose of this branch? How are these branches related? Who is in charge of this branch?

24 Änderungen nachvollziehen im TFS 2010

25 First class branches Server-side branch creation Visualize branch relationships Track change across branches History Timeline Richer Annotate Conflict resolution

26 Highlight #4



29 Profiling mehrschichtiger Anwendungen



32 Highlight #5



35 Export/Import von Breakpoints & Data Tips

36 Pin the DataTip to the source code DataTip stays in sync with the source code Toolbar allows the user to pin/unpin a DataTip Context menu for managing values/expressions in the DataTip Floating DataTips can be dragged anywhere, and cant be pinned unless over source code Space provided for comments in the DataTip which can be collapsed/expanded as desired DataTip changes color to indicate it is a floating window

37 Highlight #6

38 Eigene Codeanalyseregelsätze definieren


40 * is only available in VS and is limited to unit tests

41 Einleitung Highlight #1: IntelliTrace Highlight #2: Test Impact Analysis Highlight #3: Branching Visualization Highlight #4: Multi-Tier Profiling Highlight #5: Two Devs, One Bug Highlight #6: Code Analysis Rulesets

42 Wer?Wann? Software Testing with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 – Part 1 (Introduction) Brian Keller, Microsoft Corp. Morgen, 10.20 Software Testing with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 – Part 2 (Making It Real) Brian Keller, Microsoft Corp. Morgen, 11.40 Requirements- und Projektmanagement mit Team Foundation Server 2010 Neno Loje, Microsoft Corp. Morgen, 15.10

43 Corinna Sameli Corinna Sameli Fragen zur Visual Studio-Lizenzierung?

44 Heute 1. Ziehung: 19.45h 2. Ziehung: 20.45h Morgen: 15.00h

45 Im Anschluss oder per E-Mail an:


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