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The Elements of Drama.

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1 The Elements of Drama

2 Introduction to Drama What is DRAMA?
A drama or play is a form of literature that is performed for an audience either on stage or before a camera

3 The Elements of Drama Drama, like fiction, tells a story with characters, setting, and plot Drama is meant to be performed for an audience and is written in the form of a script

4 Understanding the Elements
Cast of Characters A script usually begins with a list of characters List includes a short description of each character

5 Understanding the Elements
Dialogue DIALOGUE = conversation between characters Plot and characterization is revealed through dialogue Dialogue appears in lines next to the characters’ names

6 Understanding the Elements
Stage Directions Instructions for the performer, director, and stage crew Printed in italics and enclosed in (parentheses) Describe scenery, props, movement and speech

7 Understanding the Elements
Acts and Scenes The action of a play is divided into scenes A scene changes when the setting, time, place, or both changes. Sometimes scenes are grouped into acts.

8 Exit Slip Use the play “Sleepy Hollow” to answer the following prompts on your paper Name of character. Description of character. A line of dialogue and what it REVEALS about a character or the story An example of a stage direction This play is divided into...

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