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Hier steht der Titel der Power Point Präsentation. Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering technology without borders.

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1 Hier steht der Titel der Power Point Präsentation. Faculty of Mechanical Science and Engineering technology without borders

2 faculty board dean Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Ralph Stelzer vice deansProf. Dr.-Ing. habil. Volker Ulbricht Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Leyens contactAnne Kutzleb deans officefon: +49 (0)351 463-32786 fax: +49 (0)351 463 37735 deans of studyProf. Dr. rer. Nat. habil. Stefan Odenbach Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. rer. nat. techn. habil. Harald Rohm Prof. Dr.-Ing. Clemens Felsmann Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Beitelschmidt contactJutta Friedrich student advisory servicefon: +49 (0)351 463-33286

3 faculty overview income from external funding (2011): ~ 51 Mio. ~ 1 Mio. per professor patent applications: 84 (2012) papers (2012): 764 F professional journals, 698 conference papers (2.226 total) staff-student ratio (2012): 118,3 students/professor 32,2 students/member of academic staff doctoral studies & post-doctoral studies (2012): 67 doctoral studies 1 post-doctoral studies 6152 students of them 1217 freshmen 1137 staff of them 632 research fellows externally funded 170 budgetary research fellows 146 administrative budgetary staff members 138 administrative externally funded staff 52 professors last modified 10/2013

4 mission statement of the faculty

5 Institute of Power Engineering Institute of Solid Mechanics Instiute of Fluid Power Institute of Manufacturing Science and Technology Institute of Wood and Paper Technologies Institute of Food Technology and Bioprocess Engineering Institute of Lightweight Engineering and Polymer Technology Institute of Aerospace Engineering Institute of Machine Elements and Machine Design Institute of Fluid Mechanics Institute of Material Handling and Industrial Engineering Institute of Textile Machinery and High Performance Material Technology Institute of Processing Machines and Mobile Machines Institute of Process Engineering and Environmental Technology Institute of Materials Science Institute of Machine Tools and Control Engineering institutes of the faculty

6 competence in teaching and research The faculty continues to offer Diplom programmes! mechanical engineering materials science process engineering and natural materials technology mechatronics * regenerative energy systems * * cross-faculty degree programme

7 Diplom/Bachelor TU Dresden is the only university to offer mechanical engineering studies in a one-tier Diplom system or in correspondence courses!

8 study abroad 3 international dual Diplom programmes offer the chance to study production engineering or applied mechanics in Paris and Metz or energy technology in Ostrava – that is unique in Germany! 32 ERASMUS agreements with European universities

9 core strenghts of the faculty

10 research network Dresden

11 development of the faculty training and education in figures

12 freshmen last modified 10/2013

13 graduates – full-time studies last modified 12/2012

14 development of the faculty research in figures

15 income from external funding last modified 10/2012

16 development of external funding according to source last modified 10/2012

17 external funding of the faculty according to source ~ 51 mio. last modified 10/2012

18 financed research projects ECEMP CRC 639 CRC/Transregio 96

19 ECEMP – European Centre for Emerging Materials and Processes Dresden Dieses Projekt wird finanziert aus Mitteln der Europäischen Union und des Freistaates Sachsen from atoms to complex devices – Cluster of Excellence of the Free State of Saxony pooling of competences in all classes of materials (metals, plastics, natural compounds, ceramics) and of the complete value chain (material design, material development, production, processing and application) multi-component materials research with broad application range development in resource-saving manufacturing and processing research focus: energy management, environmental technology and lightweight engineering international graduate school: 50 PhD students, 16 scholarship holders coordinator: Prof. W. Hufenbach

20 Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 639 - textile-reinforced, composite components for function-integrating multi-material design in complex lightweight applications The aim is to work out the scientific basis and methods for the development and use of innovative textile composites for new composite designs with advanced functional integration. spokesperson: Prof. W. Hufenbach

21 CRC/Transregio 96 - thermo-energetic design of machine tools a systemic solution of the target conflict of the use of energy, precision and productivity using the example of metal cutting spokesperson: Prof. K. Großmann


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