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Cardiovascular System Test Study Guide

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1 Cardiovascular System Test Study Guide

2 1. What is atherosclerosis?
When the artery walls thicken and harden due to fat build up Atherosclerosis

3 2. What is the function of the atria?
An atrium receives blood into The heart.

4 3. What determines a person’s blood type?
The type of protein on the red blood cell.

5 4. Name two things blood carries to the body cells?
Food Oxygen Chemical Messages.

6 5. What type of blood can a person with O receive?
You can’t receive anything but O

7 6. Name four ways to avoid cardiovascular disease.
Proper diet Exercise Don’t smoke Don’t drink Keep weight down

8 7. What is hypertension? High blood pressure.

9 8. What does the lymphatic system do?
The lymphatic system returns leaked fluid to the circulatory system and filters it.

10 9. What two gasses do red blood cells carry on them?
Carry oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body.

11 10. If your plasma only contains anti-A, what blood type are you?
Type B blood.

12 11. What is the main function of platelets?
Platelets help to form blood clots to stop bleeding.

13 12. Name two functions of capillaries.
Connect arteries to veins. Exchange O2, CO2 and food to cells.

14 13. What do valves do? They stop the blood from flowing backwards.

15 14. What is the purpose of white blood cells?
To fight disease.

16 15. What controls your pulse rate?
Pacemaker cells in the heart.

17 16. Define arteries and veins.
Arteries- Carry blood away from the heart Veins- Carry blood to the heart.

18 17. What is plasma and what percent of it is water?
Plasma is the liquid part of the blood and 90% water.

19 18. What is the aorta and where is it ?
Largest artery. It comes out of the heart from the left ventricle.

20 19. What is blood transfusion and why are correct blood types important when getting one?
Transfer of one person’s blood to another. The blood will clot if you get the wrong type.

21 20. What is hemoglobin? The protein on the red blood cell.

22 21. What is the pacemaker? The heart cells that control the heartbeat.

23 22. Identify a picture of a red blood cell, white blood cell, and platelet.

24 Blood Blood consists of liquid plasma and three kinds of cells—red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.

25 23. Draw a diagram of the heart from memory, labeling the four chambers, septum, and valves. Show the direction of blood flow to and from the lungs and body. Also, show which sections are oxygen-rich and which are oxygen-poor.

26 To Lungs To Lungs From Lungs From Lungs

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