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Priest Jan Twardowski- spiritual poet

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1 Priest Jan Twardowski- spiritual poet
Presentation by Kasia Oleksik

2 Some facts of his life.... He was born on 1st June 1915 in Warsaw. During World War II he was member of Nation Army. He has taken part in Warsaw risen. On 1948 he became priest and chancellor on univesity of nuns Wizytki. His first book called just „Poems” was published in 1959 and it was translated into many languages. It has just started series of many books of this great poet.

3 A little about his poems.
In his poems priest Jan Twardiwski shows what is faith thrust being with God and other people what is love and friendship. His poems are full of warm and open they say about problems of common people. Poet often talks in them to children, animals or flowers. His poems are helpfull while we’re sad. We can find in them answers what is most important in life and answers to most difficult questions.

4 Some of his great extracts...
„It’s great happines to love and to be loved.” „In life people often are upset and disapointed about what happened, then they’re very suprised when it shows, that it was good that it happened.” „I’m angaged in faith, which is not statistic or stopped but it’s still resaerching new mysteries.”

5 “Let’s hurry to love people, they leave so quickly…”
And those, who haven’t left not surely will come back And you are never sure talking about love Is first the last or the last is first” It’s his most famous poem.

6 Huge Little Faith They’re looking for huge faith while their misery is huge. They’re looking for saints, who know surely How far away you can go out of your body But you’ve moved mountains You were walking through sea Although you said to those, who didn’t believe That you didn’t know so much Little faith.

7 LOVE There is hard love Like salt or just stone hard to eat
There is prediction love, Which always orders two graves There is inexact love like pupil who reads quickly There is love which is delicate like holy bread becouse there is emotion inside    there is love which is crazy egoistic stolid Like autumn a bit sick with moon-lier there is love which was body and became spirit And the one who won’t leave becouse-it’s impossible 

8 His life philosophy. If human would understand God, so god haven’t been God. Mysteries are something, what normal man can’t handle but they make world interesting. Suffer are important becouse God is fair and not everything is fair becouse people won’t need each other if it would be fair. Love proves that God exists .

9 His most important awards.
Doctor Honoris Causa title First award of PEN First award of Ikar press

10 I hope you enjoyed wathing my presentation.

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