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Polish best Fantasy writer

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1 Polish best Fantasy writer
Andrzej Sapkowski Polish best Fantasy writer

2 Short Biography Andrzej Sapkowski, (born June 21, 1948 in Lodz) is a Polish fantasy writer. His first short story, Hexer or Witcher (Polish "Wiedźmin"), was published in Fantastyka in 1986 and was an enormous success. The Hexer cycle consists of three short story collections and five novels. The Hexer cycle made him the bestselling author in Poland in the 1990s. He is the winner of five Zajdel awards (most awarded author in the award's history) - for short stories "Mniejsze zło" (1990), "Miecz przeznaczenia" (1992), "W leju po bombie" (1993), and for novels "Krew elfów" (1994) and "Narrenturm" (2002). The latter one is the first part of a fantasy trilogy set in Europe, Silesia, in the beginning of the 15th century. Recently the collection of short stories from the Hexer cycle were put to screen, but both the resulting film and TV series are considered a major disapointment by fans and critics.

3 Bibliography Short story collections: Wiedźmin; ("Witcher")
Ostatnie życzenie; (The Final Wish) Miecz przeznaczenia (Sword of Destiny) Coś się kończy, coś się zaczyna; (Something ends, something begins) Narrenturm trilogy: Narrenturm Boży wojownicy; (Warriors of God) Lux perpetua (not yet released) Other works: Oko Yrrhedesa (The Eye of Yrrhedes) , Świat króla Artura. Maladie; (King Arthur's World) Rękopis znaleziony w Smoczej Jaskini; (Manuscript found in a Dragon's Cave) Hexer saga: Krew elfów (Blood of the Elves) Czas pogardy (The Time of Contempt) Chrzest ognia (Baptism of Fire) Wieża jaskółki; (The Tower of the Swallow) Pani jeziora (The Lady of the Lake)

4 Intro to the Saga Sapkowski’s best known story and (I think) the best in the world, is the saga of the Witcher(Hexer, Wiedzmin).It tells us a story about a men that is a mutant, but not an ugly monster with an volcano on his face, but a men that is a master of swordplay and dexterity. Witchers are a special kind of human they drunk elixirs and alchemic potions since they were born. They have cats eyes and white skin. They destiny is killing monsters like dragons, manticores or zombies and ghouls.

5 The Saga(in pictures) Krew elfów (blood of the elves)
Czas pogardy (The Time of Contempt) Chrzest ognia (Baptism of Fire) Wieża jaskółki (The Tower of the Swallow) Pani Jeziora (The Lady of the Lake)

6 The Story In this tale we are reading about death and life, love and hate, but at all there is much more death and blod. It starts when an enemy army rides against the Witchers and his „daughter” country. War separates them and they are seeking both, each for other. Ciri (thats the name of the girl) was taught the swordplay, so she don’t worries about herself. Geralt ( the witcher). Ciri discoveres a new talent in her (she don’t know that, but she is an genetic ecsperiment made by elven mages. She is carying a gen called Aen Hen Ihaer (elder blood) and she can move herself to other worlds and times) so an evil wizard wants to get her and steal the gen by using magic. But Geralt comes in the last minute and kills him and all are living long and happy. =)

7 The End In majority of this that I have shown to you I think I had interest you in Fantasy.

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