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Science Terms TAKS Objective 1.

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1 Science Terms TAKS Objective 1

2 def: Scientific Method
common procedures used by scientists to gather information used in problem solving and experimentation

3 def: Control Group The part of the experiment in which all conditions are kept constant

4 def: Experimental group
In an experiment the group whose conditions are being changed

5 def: Hypothesis Testable explanation of a question or problem

6 def: Trend Description of the behavior of a variable or the relationship between two variables

7 def: Conclusion A final statement summing up the results of an experiment, it should refer to the hypothesis

8 def: Independent Variable
Factor in an experiment the scientist purposely changes

9 def: Dependent Variable
Factor in an experiment that the scientist wants to observe, which may change as a result of other variables being changed

10 def: Qualitative data Descriptions from observations that do not contain numbers

11 def: Quantitative data
Observations from an experiment containing numerical measurements

12 def: Inference The interpretation of an observation based on prior knowledge

13 def: Prediction An inference about future events based on current evidence, past experience or knowledge

14 def: Accuracy how close a measurement is to the actual value

15 def: Precision how close measurements are to one another

16 def: Theory explanation of a set of observations about the natural world

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