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Annie Griffith & Chris Fears September 2007 UK Link Technology Refresh.

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1 Annie Griffith & Chris Fears September 2007 UK Link Technology Refresh

2 Progress since last update Key progress made since last update:  Development and Unit testing completed  Installation and configuration of all servers and networks at Peterborough Data Centre and Wellingborough completed  Network Operations Centre (NOC) set up in Bangalore and operational  System testing started  Operational Acceptance testing Started

3 Overall Testing Progress  Full code migration and upgrade completed  OAT – 2 phases Jun-Oct ’07 & Oct-Jan ‘08  OAT1 – machine build confirmation – Ahead of schedule  OAT2 – performance testing, operational schedules, support processes, fall back and recovery etc.  System testing : Started mid Aug and ahead of schedule  Users involved in testing of critical business components to gain greater levels of assurance ahead of UAT  UAT : Nov – end Jan  To include Shipper Trials : late Nov - early Dec  Detailed UAT planning underway  Full scale trial migration completed –  Minimum of 2 further full scale trial migrations planned to allow for tuning

4 Shipper Trials  Initial suggestion was that only file routing tests to be executed, limited to sample files only  As a result of UKLC July 07 request, revised approach is to test:  Nomination file (NOM) – inbound and Nomination response (NMR) outbound  Commodity Invoices (COS) – outbound, with inbound delivery receipt  Datalogger Read files (MDR) – outbound  Involvement is optional  Code of Conduct: The test environment is not to be used for any other activities ie: enquiries other than the scenarios and data agreed by each Shipper

5 Shipper Trials  Trial environment will be a copy of production data as of 1 st October 2007  Shippers to save selected copies of production NOM files between 1/10 – 12/10 and rename  Between 3 and 5 NOM files are to be saved for future processing  Use standard test file naming convention: xxx01.TN123456.NOM  Earlier files will result in fewer queries due to better alignment with data-cut  Submission of files to take place before 12 noon  Response files will be processed and sent back the following day by 10.00am (The test file turn-a-round time will not be representative of Production)  Test files to be submitted in date order  No xoserve validation of rejections at MPRN level will take place

6 Shipper Trials 18 th Sep Invitation to Shippers to participate 2 nd Oct Deadline for response from Shippers 1 st -12 th Oct Shippers collect selected NOM files for later testing 11 th Oct xoserve contacts confirmed for each Shipper 15 th Oct – 9 th Nov Engage with participating shippers to confirm test schedules 16 th Nov Finalised test schedule agreed with Shippers via email 26 th Nov Test execution starts 13 th Dec Pre close- out report to UKLC 14 th Dec Test execution finishes 17 th Dec Publish final report

7 Shipper Trials Assurance & Sign-off  Individual Daily Test Reports will be produced by the Test Coordinator and issued at end of day  On conclusion of the Shipper Trial phase xoserve will confirm final test position (by e-mail) with each participating Shipper  Teleconference meeting to take place at the end of testing  Capture lessons learnt  Confirm any outstanding issues  Discuss remedial action plans (if necessary)

8 Cut-over and Implementation  Outage of 3 - 4 days as previously indicated  Detailed implementation planning activities ongoing  Looking at cut-over activities and catch-up processing  Timescales being challenged, seeking alternative approaches and tuning to reduce outage  Minimum of 2 further full scale trial migrations planned over summer  MOD proposal being drafted to include:  2 non-effective days for SPA processing (25 th & 26 th Feb)  4 days relief from data logger liabilities (24 th -27 th Feb)

9 Cutover Approach  Data cutover  Likely to start 3 weeks in advance of main cutover, then will require “delta” data updates  This will have no effect upon the operational service  Final cutover starts 22 nd/ 23 rd February 2008  REC invoice to be issued early on Friday 22 nd – due dates will be unchanged  Other production runs on 22 nd will be unchanged  Outage start time  Start after Datalogger issue on Saturday 23 rd confirmed as optimal approach

10 High Level Timetable (Draft)  Invoices  Friday 22 nd - REC Invoice issued early, due dates unchanged  Non-effective Days  Mon 25 th Feb - Tuesday 26 th Feb  Relief from DM Read liabilities Sun 24 th –Weds 27 th  Datalogger files  Issued from OLD UK Link Sat 23 rd  Suspend daily issue of data logger files Sun 24 th – Weds 27 th  Issued from NEW UK Link Thursday 28 th  Transfers  Last files processed 11pm Friday 22 nd Feb on OLD UK Link  Next Transfer Run – Weds 27 th Feb on NEW UK Link

11 Next Steps  Completion of OAT Phase 1  Complete trial migration 2  Invitations issued for Shipper Trials  Continue with more in depth Implementation Planning  Firm up on outage timings  Understand catch-up and return to normal operation  Dates when other systems will be brought back on-line/in-step  Report back at October UKLC

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