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New curriculum, new standards, new tests

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1 New curriculum, new standards, new tests
SATs 2016 New curriculum, new standards, new tests

2 Main changes New tests : a grammar, punctuation and spelling test
A arithmetic paper- this replaces mental maths test All pupils will take just 1 set of tests- no level 6 Tests will include a small number of questions that will stretch the most able pupils.

3 Main changes Levels will be replaced by scaled scores
Raw scores will be translated to scaled scores using a conversion table Conversion tables will be published on GOV. UK on return of of results day KS2 test results published on NCA tools in July 2016 Pupils to receive a raw score, scaled score and confirmation of attainment of the national standard.

4 English tests Reading: 1 hour Greater focus on fictional texts
Greater emphasis on comprehension elements- point-evidence-explain 3-4 unrelated texts of increasing difficulty Mixture of text types

5 SPAG 1 short answer paper ( 45 minutes) 50 marks
Greater focus on knowing and applying grammatical terminology with full range of punctuation. Technical terms in grammar tested Spelling test (approx 15 minutes)20 marks (completing sentences with word missing- spelling patterns tested)

6 Maths 3 papers 1 arithmetic paper (Gridded paper provided)
36 questions, 40 marks, 30 minutes Addition & subtraction Complex calculations with fractions Long division & multiplications 2 mathematical reasoning papers 40 marks each ( total 80) 40 minutes

7 Scoring Scale 100 will always represent the ‘national; standard’
Due to small differences in difficulty between tests raw score ( total number of correct responses, that equates 100) slightly different No information on what scale will look like yet-tests need to be taken and marked before it is set. Can’t do so with old data because it was based on a different curriculum Scaled score based on raw score – total marks Raw score to scaled scored will be made using a conversion table

8 Timetable Monday 9 May English reading test Tuesday 10 May
English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 1: spelling (approx 15 minutes) English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 2: questions ( 45 minutes) Wednesday 11 May Mathematics Paper 1: arithmetic (30 minutes) Mathematics Paper 2: reasoning (40 minutes each)

9 Revision skills/themfiles.php t_ftp/ks2/maths/maths_booster/booster.html

10 Useful information w-video-published-on-changes-to tests-and-assessments tions/standards-and-testing-agency ns/national-curriculum-assessments sample-materials

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