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Ragnar Grøsfjeld Senior engineer Norwegian Public Roads Administration

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1 Ragnar Grøsfjeld Senior engineer Norwegian Public Roads Administration
Motorway design: Relevance of a systemic and integrated study in building safe motorways. The case of Norway’s E18 Ragnar Grøsfjeld Senior engineer Norwegian Public Roads Administration

2 Traffic safety work in Norway
Vision Zero The E18 project

3 Accidents - reasons Three parts and combinations Road-user Road

4 Traffic safety Accident reporting system Why register?
keep an eye on the accident-development identify special problems and design the right efforts to decide the work priority evaluate / measure the effect of the efforts Several data sources: police reports technical reports (vehicle inspectors) hospital reports insurance reports

5 Traffic safety (cont.) Road safety inspection Short-term measures
New knowledge since the road was built Information (road-users) Seatbelt campaign Stop & sleep Speak out! (”it’s not cool to be dead”) 65+

6 Traffic safety (cont.) Accident Investigation Group
(for all fatal accidents) Reasons for the accidents? How can we learn from the accidents? How can we avoid this kind of accidents? How can we use this knowledge in the traffic safety work in general?

7 E18 - accidents Two accidents where people was killed

8 Road Accidents Number of road fatalities reduced with 50% since 1970 The risk is among the lowest in the world

9 Vision Zero Approved in National Transportation Plan 2002-2011
“A vision of no road fatalities causing people get killed or seriously injured” KILLED SERIOUSLY INJURED

10 The vision Zero is based on:
It is human to make mistakes The human body is sensitive to violence The road-users of course have to follow the rules, but we also have to adjust the road and the vehicles KILLED SERIOUSLY INJURED

11 E18 project in Vestfold county

12 E18 Gulli - Langangen My project: Sky - Langangen
Vi har ca. 40 km veg under planlegging. Gulli – Langåker: Utvidelse av eksisterende veg Langåker – Bommestad: Ny 4- felts veg på vest-siden av eksisterende veg Bommestad – Sky: Ny veg eller utvidelse av eksisterende veg Sky – Nøklegård: Ny veg på nordsiden av eksisterende veg

13 E18 Sky - Langangen 11,7 km new four-lane motorway
Building period: Total cost: 200 mill. euro or euro per meter euro per meter free road euro per meter tunnel euro per meter bridge

14 The profile

15 Geometry - parametres Speed limit: 100 km/h
Minimum horizontal radius: 700 m Minimum high vertical radius: m Minimum low vertical radius: m Maximum rise: 5 %

16 Injuries and fatalities by types of accidents (annual average 2000-2004)
Nearly 70 % is head-on or running-off the road accidents

17 Efforts – E18 motorway Central barriers Safer side areas
Guardrail / end of the guardrail Raised-rib-road-marking (making noise) Road lightning Avoid dangerous elements in the side areas (or protect with guardrail)

18 Central barrier Central barriers

19 Forgiving side area Soil towards the rock cut Raised-rib-road-marking

20 The guardrail has penetrated the car

21 Different kinds of forgiving terminals
ABC-terminal ESPEN (Energy-absorbing, Steel, Plastic, ENd-terminal)

22 ABC-terminal after a collision

23 Ready for take off?

24 Guardrail / end of guardrail

25 Should be guardrail…. Guardrail

26 High energy columns High energy columns

27 Simulator – E18 project

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