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1 C250

2 C250 Overview: up to 35.0 t (45.0 t) MTOW loading weight: max kg empty weight: 3000 kg dimension: 6.70 m x 2.60 x 2.20 m

3 C250 Engine: Yanmar diesel engine 4TNV98T ZNS 83,9 HP 4 cylinders water cooled or DEUTZ diesel engine D2011 L4 W 85,7 HP 4 cylinders extern water cooled

4 C250 Truck specification:
Operations: Joystick operations, continuous wheel drive for each wheel, forward and backward Transmission: hydraulic traction drive with four wheel drive Steering: electric hydraulic steering operated by steering wheel Electronic: CAN BUS Battery: 12 V 120 AH V (2x 12V 64AH) Brake system: Hydraulic brake system with wheel disk brake; Electric hydraulic parking brake; Hydraulic system: Automatic hydraulic single wheel drive; Closed hydraulic automotive driving; Separate hydraulic pumps for working cylinders and servo steering; Tire: 6.90/ heavy weight, double tire wheels drive backside; x4,5-8 heavy weight, double tire steering axis; Safety systems: mechanical and electrical safety of the landing gear doors at faulty operation; emergency hand hydraulic pump for freeing of the multiple disk brake; emergency outlet of the closing and lifting device; Truck specification:

5 C250 Cabin:

6 C250 Modern cabin with a stylish design comes with numerous specials and functions. Within the standard equipment are: - large door on the left-hand side - large panoramic window for an unlimited all-round view - sliding window on the left and right - large windscreen wiper in front - roof opening - seat with weight adjustable spring, high and position adjustable - steering column with steering wheel, engine and hydraulics parameter, adjustable - armrest with joystick joystick for stepless engine speed and automotive driving - foodbrake via pedal and electric parking brake - fully adjustable heating controls with 3-speed fan Optional are possible the following additonal equipments: TFT monitoring system, camera with intercom on the nose gear bracket and display in the cabin - air conditioning - heated seat - electrically heated exterior mirrors - radio Cabin:

7 C250 Cabin: The entire operating structure and all safety devices and electrical components can be found also in the cabin.

8 C250 Landing gear bracket:

9 C250 Landing gear bracket:

10 C250 Landing gear bracket:
Hydraulically operated gear lifting via Movable ramp Different wheel dimensions can be mounted. The hydraulically controlled ramp can be moved by 20 cm depending on wheel size. Rotatable closing doors Two massive closing doors on the HDCS have rotatable draw rolls to save the landing gear in the mounting. Rotating wheel rolls avoid the frictional resistance and save the stability of the nose wheels. Wheel down holder The landing gear is saved with a wheel down holder against uncontrollable soar. Door safety system The HDCS has a mechanical safety system. It saves the closing doors against uncontrollable opening. The doors can be opened only when the mounting rack and the landing gear are at ground. Safe rolling turn moving with nose landing gear camber control, free turning rack for nose landing gear, equal bearing pressure The complete docking process can be handled from the cabin. Landing gear bracket:

11 C 200 / C250 Movable aircraft:

12 C 200 / C250 Movable aircraft:

13 C 200 / C250 Movable aircraft: Remarks:
The above specified assignment of aircrafts based only on individual model tests. Constructional changes at the aircraft or additional equipment, can restrict the use of the towing machine, additional equipment could be necessary, or the use of the towing unit excludes. Attend always on each use to the undercarriage flaps, antennae, electrical additional components. If uses should not be practicable, please inform the manufacturer of the towing unit. A binding of this list is not given by the manufacturer of the towing machine. Symbol explanation: “NO” No pick up possibility "X" pick up is possible under checking of the constructional facts "(*)" Using of additional equipment, possibly special release through the manufacturer or special handling

14 Your idea is our development! We are always open for your feedback.
In this relation we are able to develop a perfect equipment for your rampwork. Thank you for your interest in our Flyer-Truck presentation.

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