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postman letter envelope postcard stamp address.

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3 postman

4 letter

5 envelope

6 postcard

7 stamp

8 address

9 paper

10 poster

11 letterbox

12 Dear ______John, My name is_________.Nastya I am____years old.9 I live in__________.Volgograd My favourite pets are____ cats dogs fish parrots cats. My favourite colour is____ red green blue yellow brown white red. My favourite season is_____ spring summer autumn winter spring ________ Nastya.


14 Dialogue Assistant: Hello! Can I help you? Customer: Hello! I’d like to write a letter. Have you got an envelope and a stamp? Assistant: Here you are. Customer: Thank you. Have you got any paper? Assistant What colour do you want? We have blue, green and pink paper. Customer: Blue paper, please. Assistant : Would you like a postcard? Customer: No, thank you. Bye.

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