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Story Literary Elements Some basics that every good story must have ….

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2 Story Literary Elements Some basics that every good story must have ….

3 Every story needs characters People Characters are flat or round Animals Or Creatures Characters are static or dynamic

4 The protagonist is the “good guy”

5 The antagonist is the “bad guy” or force

6 Great stories have a conflict Man vs. Man Man vs. NatureMan vs. Society Man vs. Himself Man vs. Machine

7 A hint about what will happen next is called foreshadowing For example, if you hear this: Then you know someone’s about to get eaten!

8 The time and place of the story is the setting

9 Plot: What happens in the story exposition Narrative hook Resolution or denouement

10 What happens in the Rising Action? Complications Complications build Suspense that take you to the …….

11 The climax is the most exciting part!!

12 The point of view is the perspective of the story “That rotten wolf tried to eat us!!!!” “I was framed! I just wanted to borrow a cup of sugar!”

13 First Person Point of View  Told from the perspective of one of the characters  I was shocked when I found out that Leo was cheating on me. I thought we were the perfect couple.  Notice the pronouns “I,” “me,” and “we.”

14 Third Person Limited  An outside narrator tells the story  The reader still only knows one character’s thoughts and actions  It was a terrible day when Jenny learned that Leo was cheating on her. She felt betrayed and upset.

15 Third Person Omniscient  The reader knows all of the characters’ actions and thoughts.  Jenny thought that Leo was cheating on her; however, Leo really wasn’t. The girl he was with was his cousin whom he was giving a ride.

16 Mood Mood is the feeling you get when you read the story.

17 Theme  The major or central idea of a work.  What the story “means?”

18 Whether you’re the reader, or the writer, a great story includes all these literary elements!!! conflict setting point of view climax characters protagonist antagonist foreshadowing

19 CHARACTERIZATION  The method a writer uses to reveal the personality of a character. –Direct characterization: the writer makes direct statements about a character’s personality –Indirect characterization: the writer reveals a character’s personality through the character’s words and actions and through what other characters think and say about the character

20 IRONY  A contrast or discrepancy between appearance and reality, or between what is expected and what actually happens. –There are three types of irony: Situational irony – the actual outcome of a situation is the opposite of someone’s expectations Verbal irony – a person says one thing and means another (You wreak your car and exclaim, “Well this is great!”) Dramatic irony – the audience has important information that characters in a literary work do not have

21 INFERENCE  The act of concluding from evidence; deduction. In literature it describes the act of figuring something out by using what you already know. –Example: A + B = C If A = 2 and B = 3 then using what you know, you can deduce what C equals.

22 DICTION  The writer’s choice of words; an important element in the writer’s voice or style –Good writers choose their words carefully to convey a particular meaning or feeling

23 SYMBOL  An object, person, place or experience that means more than what it is

24 TONE  A reflection of a writer’s or speaker’s attitude toward the subject –A writer’s tone may convey a variety of attitudes, including, sympathy, objectivity, seriousness, irony, sadness, bitterness, or humor –Example: “Don’t talk to me about voting or politics. I’m not interested. All politicians are self-serving and corrupt. My vote won’t change a thing!”

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