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Bhangra Music.

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1 Bhangra Music

2 Bhangra Music is a form of fusion music that draws influences from the traditional folk music of the Punjab region of India, AND dance music from the UK.

3 In the 1980’s immingrants to the UK from the Punjabi region brought their traditional folk music with them, and began to fuse it with electronic dance music to create BHANGRA!

4 Elements of Bhangra Chaal Rhythm Dhol Drum Costume & Dance HOI!

5 Dhol Drum

6 Chaal Pattern 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 dha na BOTH Left

7 Bhangra uses simple Chords…
… and often a chromatic melody E minor F major

8 Lyrics are often in Punjabi
Listen out for the HOI! (shouting/chanting HOI! rhythmically with the music)

9 Bhangra music is accompanied by group dances, often with spectacular costumes.

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