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SolutionsOrganisationLooksServiceSales Support Being part of it.

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1 SolutionsOrganisationLooksServiceSales Support Being part of it

2 SolutionsOrganisationLooksServiceSales SupportSolutions EMINENT TWISTABLE CABLE RANGE

3 SolutionsOrganisationLooksServiceSales Support Twistable cables - Twistable cables always the right length Single-cord solution for cables up to 3 meter in length - Shipped as a compact coiled cable Can be extended up to 3 meter Holds its shape without recoiling Eliminates cable clutter Available in HDMI, USB, SVGA, Audio, Scart Available in November 2009

4 SolutionsOrganisationLooksServiceSales Support Features Always the right length The cable can be bent, turned, twisted and squeezed Hold its shape and will not recoil –But also it is possible to return to its original shape whenever needed Reduce cable mess by using the Twistable cable as a cable management –The excess length can be used to coil around the other cables behind or around computer or entertainment setups. –To eliminate cable clutter

5 SolutionsOrganisationLooksServiceSales Support Green packaging Clamshell free packaging Green packaging - biodegradable Environment Friendly packaging 100% post-consumer recycled paper Minimum of biodegradable nylon tie wraps Printed with soy ink

6 SolutionsOrganisationLooksServiceSales Support Retail packaging

7 SolutionsOrganisationLooksServiceSales Support Product list EM9100Twistable Mini-Stereo Extension cable 1.8 meter (3.5mm stereo M/F) EM9101Twistable Mini-Stereo Audio Cable 1.8 meter (3.5mm stereo M/M) EM9102Twistable Audio Connection Cable 1.8 meter (3.5mm stereo black-2 * RCA Male) EM9103Twistable Audio Cable 3 meter (RCA M*2/ M*2 red/white) EM9130Twistable HDMI cable 1 meter EM9131Twistable HDMI cable 1.5 meter EM9132Twistable HDMI cable 2.5 meter EM9151Twistable USB Extension Cable 1.8 meter EM9153Twistable USB Extension Cable 3 meter EM9161Twistable USB Connection Cable 1.8 meter EM9163Twistable USB Connection Cable 3 meter EM9171Twistable mini USB Connection Cable 1.8 meter EM9140Twistable VGA/SVGA Monitor Cable 1.8 meter EM9141Twistable VGA/SVGA Monitor Extension Cable 1.8 meter EM9142Twistable Scart Cable 1.8 meter

8 SolutionsOrganisationLooksServiceSales Support© 2009 Eminent Computer Supplies |

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