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School Specialty Online Ordering Through Skyward.

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1 School Specialty Online Ordering Through Skyward

2 Enter the Skyward Web Access Enter your Skyward Login ID and Password. Click “Sign In”

3 Requisitions Choose Purchasing, then Requisitions

4 Add from Online Catalog Your requisitions will be listed. To create a new School Specialty requisition, choose “Add from Online Catalog”

5 Choose School Specialty

6 Enter Requisition Master Information Enter your Requisition Master Information, then click “Save and Add Detail”

7 Create Your Request You will be launched into our Homepage and have a welcome menu to begin. Choose the desired menu option.

8 Order By Item Allows you to key catalog item numbers for quick order entry.

9 Key your Catalog Numbers and Quantity. Verify your items. Click ADD TO CART. Note: if items have changed, a View Alternates will appear in your results offering more information. Discontinued items will be indicated with a red X.

10 Your item will be added to your shopping cart. You will be able to see the item product and pricing details. Click Order By Item to add more items to your cart. Click Home to return to your home page.

11 Your search results will display. Click the item name for more information, See Price in Cart to see your discount price or Add to Cart. Keyword Search

12 Category Browse Click your desired category to browse available products.

13 Each category will further break into sub-categories for a specified product search. Category Browse

14 Check Out Click Checkout to review your cart and shipping charges

15 Review and Submit Check your shopping cart carefully! Click Submit to move to the final step

16 Submit to Procurement System Choose Click Here to send your cart’s information to Keystone

17 Complete Your Request and Submit for Approval Add your “Requisition Accounts”, “Save and Finish Later”, or “Submit for Approval”. Your requisition will be forwarded to your approver through Skyward.

18 Thank you! Online Support (800) 513-2465

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