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Wellfield Middle School Key Stage 2 SATs 2014. Literacy Consists of two tests including: Reading Test (1 hour to read and answer) SPAG test: Spelling,

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1 Wellfield Middle School Key Stage 2 SATs 2014

2 Literacy Consists of two tests including: Reading Test (1 hour to read and answer) SPAG test: Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar Test (45 mins for 46 questions) Writing will be teacher assessed from work done throughout the year


4 The aspects of reading to be assessed Retrieval Deduce and infer Text style and organisation Interpreting imagery Authorial technique Understanding language choices Time given 1 hour for reading the test booklet and answering the questions






10 KS 2 SA T’s Me eti ng – En glis h Th e Re adi ng Tes t – 50 ma rks Lo ng er wri tin g tas k – 28 ma rks Sh ort er wri tin g tas k – 12 ma rks Sp elli ng Tes t – 7 ma rks Ha nd wri tin g – 3 ma rks Tot al ma rks ava ilab le = 100

11 Level 3-5 test 1. Circle all the adverbs in the sentence below. Open the drawers carefully and quietly when using the filing cabinet. 2. Underline the subordinate clause in each sentence below. Before he could go swimming, Ali packed his towel. 3.Complete the sentence below with a contraction that makes sense. If you give me the recipe, ____ buy the ingredients on the way home

12 Level 6 Test 1. Insert a comma and a semi-colon in the sentence below to clarify the meaning of the sentence: David eats cake whenever he has the chance I prefer apples oranges and bananas. 2. Use a connective or connective phrase to complete the sentence below. ________________________________ Anna was so accomplished a dancer, she lacked confidence in her own ability.

13 The L3-5 Writing Tests There are no longer any formal tests in writing. The writing mark now comes from teacher assessed work throughout the year. This is moderated by external verifiers in June, which means that, for English, we will working past the SATs week in order to give the pupils the best chance at reaching their full potential.


15 Writing AFs AF1To write imaginative, interesting and thoughtful texts; AF2To produce texts which are appropriate to task, reader and purpose; AF3Organise and present whole texts effectively, sequencing and structuring information, ideas and events; AF4Construct paragraphs and use cohesion within and between paragraphs; AF5Vary sentences for clarity, purpose and effect; AF6Write with technical accuracy of syntax and punctuation in phrases, clauses and sentences; AF7Select appropriate and effective vocabulary; AF8 Use correct spelling.


17 The Level 6 Literacy test The Level 6 SPAG test A short writing task to assess writing skills at level 6 A level 6 Reading test focusing on higher order answers.

18 Access Arrangements Provision will be made to enable all children to achieve as highly as possible. - Readers - Extra time - Prompt - Amanuensis (scribe) - ‘Brain breaks’ Applications for these will be made very soon and are based on the children’s prior attainment, needs and current provision.

19 You will receive at end of Year 6... Teacher assessment (for E, M) SAT level (for E, M only) Information showing last years national averages Information about achievement in this school...As well as the normal end of year report. The Results

20 Why are SATs so important? Like any other formal examination process. Give you information about where your child is (academically). National test. Gives you a comparison to see how much they have progressed throughout their time at Wellfield First and Middle School. Informs high schools of academic ability/settings.

21 How Can You Help? Praise and encourage your child, leading up to and during SATs week and when the results come out Your child will need to be in school for each test Early nights. Your child should go to bed early prior to SATs – including Friday and Saturday. Research has shown that sleep can make a difference of 4 years in mental age Make sure they have a good breakfast and a snack for break time may also help. Water during the test also helps. Quiet place for children to study

22 What can you do to prepare your child? Revision – help your child to revise & practise skills. Daily reading and discussion about the books. Ask what they have been studying. Explaining what they have learnt reinforces their understanding and helps to embed their learning Learn & practise spellings. Learn & practise times tables (forwards and backwards). Discuss with your child's teachers - areas to work on at home/specific activities/concerns. Ensure your child completes their homework.

23 How to revise Routines. Concentrate on areas of weakness, not what they can do easily. Little and Often: Short bursts (20 minutes). Revision guides Internet sites

24 Internet Sites http://resources.woodlands- http://online-maths-

25 And finally...  Any questions?  Thank you for your time this evening

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