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Health and Wellness Content Platform.. Organic Living $5.8 Billion 3.5% Annual growth Preventive Care $4 Billion 4.2% Annual growth Health and Wellness.

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1 Health and Wellness Content Platform.

2 Organic Living $5.8 Billion 3.5% Annual growth Preventive Care $4 Billion 4.2% Annual growth Health and Wellness Industry overview Nutrition $6 Billion 4% Annual growth

3 80 % of Internet Users look online for health information. Americans spend 520 Billion Minutes a day online. Scope of Internet in Health Industry 81 % of consumers click on a sponsored link when looking for health information. Health related Google searches are up 47% from last year. 20 % search for health related content on mobile devices. 23 % use social media to follow health experiences of friends.

4 Our Business Model Canvas – Health and Wellness

5 Top Competitors Analysis GreatistCureJoyMindBodyGreenWellandGoodDeepak chopraWell OfferingBooksProductsVideo CourseAffiliate SalesProductsPrint Mags Feature 1 Easily Readable Content Expert Doctor Advice Neat Content and Website Health + Celebs Established Figure Established Media Brand Feature 2 Sophisticated Design and Images Cures from Ayurveda Multiple Categories Events in L.A Events across Globe Multiple Categories Feature 3Unique Articles Common Problem Cure Multiple Guest Authors Women Oriented Socially interactive Clean Design Unique Visitors4M3.5M4M60K80K3M Duration1.24Mins2.21Mins1.40Mins2.00Mins1.24Mins1.04Mins Return Visits90K 1M15K19K90K Bounce Rate79%73%81%89%71%81%

6 ¬ Search Engine Social Affiliates Email Platforms Blogs à Go to Market Strategy Social – Pinterest, Facebook and twitter (40% of total traffic) Search Engines- Google, Yahoo and Bing (40% of traffic) Affiliates – Sell our products for commissions to their existing database.(20% of Revenue) Email Marketing- To retain Acquired users and to sell to own database. Blogs - For acquiring traffic from other established sources.(5% of total Traffic) Platform - To spread the word or to communicate with existing audience. (5% of total Traffic) Others (10% of total Traffic)

7 01 02 03 04 05 06 Advertising Own Ebooks /Products Selling services Affiliate marketing Sponsored Content Coaching/mentorship/ Consulting Money– How internet start up earns

8 1 Unique Visitors – 60k 2 Page Views – 120k 3 Duration – 1.5 – 2.5 Mins 9 Website Target Valuation Indicators 4 Return Visitors – 12K 5 Revenue- $45,000 6 Bounce Rate – 80%

9 Monthly Unique Visitor(UV) and Revenue($) Estimate JANFEBMARMAY JUNE JULY AUGSEP OCT NOV DEC 2000 15000 45000 65000 $500 $2000 $8000 $ 12000 UV $$ APR

10 Month 1 Hiring + Product Development + Content Creation Month 2 Website Creation +Buffer Content creation for launch Month 3 Launch of website + Promotions Month 4 Product Launch +Promotions Apr May June July Year Overview Implementation Plan

11 Month 7 Optimizations + Promotions Month 8 New Product Launch Month 9 Product Promotions + Optimizations Sept Oct Nov Year Overview Month 5 Monetization with Affiliate or Sponsored Content Aug Implementation Plan

12 Month 11 New Product Launch Month 12 Optimizations + Promotions Month 13 Monetization with Affiliate or Sponsored Content Jan Feb Mar Year Overview Month 10 Monetization with Affiliate or Sponsored Content Dec Implementation Plan

13 2 Digital Marketer and 1 U.S Blogger / Market Research 4 Content Writers 2-5 Industry Expert for affiliation 1 Website/ Product Engineer The Team Brain of the company- Team structure C.E.O

14 Money Distribution MonthQuantity Amount in INR Type of Investment Content Writer400,00,000People Resources Project Head 100,00,000People Resources Product Manager10,00,000People Resources Digital Marketer20,00,000People Resources Us Based Market Researcher and Blogger 10,00,000People Resources Designer10,00,000 People Resources Logistics000,000Operational Expense Advertisement0,00,000Sales and Marketing IT Tools00,000Technology Expense Total,00,000 Contingency10%0,000 Grand Total0,0,000

15 Schedule MonthInvestment Total Investment Revenue Total Revenue User BaseReturn User April5,00,00050000000 00 May7,00,000 1200000 00 00 June8,80,000 208000024800 2000500 July8,80,000 2960000496007440040001000 August8,80,000 38400007440014880060001500 September8,80,000 472000011160026040090002250 October8,80,000 5600000148800409200120003000 November9,80,000 6580000223200632400180004500 December8,80,000 7460000310000942400250006250 January10,80,000 85400004712001413600380009500 February10,80,000 962000062000020336005000012500 March9,40,000 1056000074400027776006000015000

16 Requirements that we would need Reference from physicians and Industry Expert Incorporation in USA and Office Space for address PR Celebrities Office And IT Infrastructure

17 1.Platform for promotions of brands 2.Platform for co- creation of content 3.Platform for personalized nutrition consultancy Scope – What we can grow into?

18 Majority Audience women Major hangout places? Pin-intrest, Blogs & Facebook Saturated Market, Why? Low barrier to entry, Inspired readers who Start their own websites Nutrition Market- Content Existence- Very High Readership - High Organic Market Content Existence- Very Low Readership - Low Industry Insights

19 Read My story at Contact - to say Thanks Personal Website Looking for a Management/Operations Consultant ? Visit with SlideShare’s Looking for a Kick Ass Brand/Design Consultant ? Check out

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