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Different kinds of Forces -Gravitational Force. ISAAC NEWTON.

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1 Different kinds of Forces -Gravitational Force


3 Gravitational Force Gravity: Gravity is a force of attraction between two objects that act as a distance. -It is directed downwards.

4 Gravitational Force It is better to say that Earth gravity pulls objects towards the centre of the Earth. So no matter where you are on Earth all objects fall to the ground.

5 Gravitational Force - No matter how hard an object is thrown it starts to come back down to earth. -It doesn't matter how heavy or how light the object is. It is the same for all objects.

6 Gravitational Force Gravity also pulls matter together. The bigger an object is or the greater its mass, there will be more force of gravity.

7 -Gravity helps keep the planets orbiting around the sun.

8 Gravitational Force Another concept to Gravity is Free Fall. These racers have just released their brakes the earth’s gravitation is the force that is pulling them down the slope towards the earth.

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