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Emitec Group – Gegründet 1993 Standort - Rotkreuz ZG Mitarbeiter – 21 Sales Agent in Lausanne Mitglied Normenkreis TK 77 & 106 (EMV & Elektrosmog)

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3 Emitec Group – Gegründet 1993 Standort - Rotkreuz ZG Mitarbeiter – 21 Sales Agent in Lausanne Mitglied Normenkreis TK 77 & 106 (EMV & Elektrosmog)

4 Service & Calibration Erstes & einziges Infrarotkamera Kalibrations Labor in der Schweiz Power 1000V / 32A Hochfrequenz & uWellen 22GHz Fiberoptik

5 Schulung & Know How Seminare & Workshops Thermografie Schulung EN473 Stufe 1 & 2 Flir Trainings Partner Langjähriges Messtechnik Know How


7 Emitec Referenzen

8 Its not the Network unsere Tools Beweisen es! Netzwerk- oder Applikations-Problem? Change- und Configuration Management Stream to Disk RNA- Analyse Ohne Packte zu verlieren bis 288TByte Cisco, HP, … kompatible SFPs und XFPs TAPs Giga und 10Giga Aggregatoren Cost Safer Accessoires Monitoring & Management IMS, VoIP, UMTS, LTE Monitoren, Tracen & Optimieren Telco / Mobile Management all in One Bis 10Giga xDSL, Ethernet, IP, PDH, SDH, FiberChannel Telecom Testing LAN Tester all in One LAN / WLAN Netz-Scan Kabel-Zertifizierer Netzwerk-Analyse Management/Security Spectrum-Analyzer Tester Analyser Survey WLAN Leitungen, Netzwerk, Applikationen Wie reagiert mein …. In der Realität Dienstleistung Wir Messen und Testen für Sie mit den richtigen Tools Kompetent & Neutral Simulatoren

9 Traffic-, Application- and Service-Performance Management 1. Monitoring & Management What is special? Fast way to find out about; Its not the Network Measures the performance of all business applications between all Clients, Servers and Sites realTime and history of up to one Year Drill-Down to the Source of problem Easy to integrate; only a Box with Web Access VoIP Service Performance Monitoring HighSpeed 7 Layer Capturing, NetwFlow support Executive SLA dashboard of real-time performance Drill-Down, to source of performance problem

10 What is special? Ability to verify the impact of change on performance Analyzes configurations against built-in Expert-System, Rules and Policies to find potential Issues Visualizes the complex relationship between Detects and controls change from a single system Configuration- & Change-Management Traffic-, Application- and Service-Performance Management

11 All in ONE Monitoring: For Mobile and Fixnet-Network For Mobile and Fixnet-Services RealTime Tracing Drill down from End-User Service impact down to Source Mediadtion-Interface, easy 3th party integration Alarming for QoS, VIPs, Inter-Connection, … Traffic-, Application- and Service-Performance Management Telco IP-Monitoring (IMS, Mobile, Fixnet )

12 Analysieren & Optimieren RNA, Retrospektive Netzwerk Analyse What is the Challenge in today's Network TroubleShooting? Network are Complex and have to carry real-time Application A lot of Data Traffic on Gig or 10 Gig Links, make it difficult to find the needle in the hayrick (Heustock), in short time You will need a tool with a lot of capture storage to drill back in time to locate the source of problem Our Solution Up to 288 TerraByte of historical Capture Data 100% CaptureRate on Multi-Link Giga or 10Giga Business Performance Analysis, with drill-down to source of Problem, for Citrix, Oracle, SQL, Exchange, SMB, HTTP,.. Multi-Hope Analysis helps to indentify delay and packet loss from FireWalls, Router or Business Sites And other features to locate problems 10 times faster!

13 Analysieren & Optimieren what-if scenarios in a virtual network environment with full behavior understanding of devices, protocols, and applications, without affecting the production network. Perform a predeployment analysis to accelerate deployment of new applications and technologies. Verify the impact of protocol tuning, QoS deployment, or traffic engineering Optimize routing and security for VPN environments including IPSec, DMVPN, VRF-lite and MPLS-based VPNs. Keep your Network Documentation all-time up to date Displays physical layout of the network including: BGP, device virtualization, HSRP/VRRP, Layer 2/3, OSPF, PVCs, VLANs, VPNs Provides interactive views and role-based hierarchical layouts Collects network information via device access or import of device configuration Network Planning & Simulation Network Documentation

14 Testen & Prüfen Affordable for anyone! Ethernet, Fiber Channel, PDH & SDH/ OTN up to 10Giga RFC2544, BERT, MPLS, Jitter, Delay, QoS, QinQ, VoIP, IPTV, VLAN-Testing Easy of operation with colour touch screen Remote & Loopback operation FTTH & Service Testing Ideal for DWDM and Network Testing For 10/100 &GigaEthernet & WLAN Network Analyzer Checks Links and PoE Performance-Tester RFC2544, Jitter and Application Testing Cable & VoIP Checking Easy of Operation xDSL/ ADSL/ VDSL VoIP / IPTV FiberTesting SDH/ ATM/ E1 Testing Ethernet-Testing Fiber Channel up to 4Gig Cable-Testing Certification up to Cat. 7 For Copper & Fiber Very Fast Strong Reporting Easy of Operation with coloured Touch-Screen Telecom Tester (W)LAN Tester/ Analyzer Cable Testing Up to 10Gig Testing

15 Testen und Prüfen Network or Device under Test Why Testing? How do know (not believe): that your configuration is also working under load how new application will perform over your Network or routes What happens, If you change the Firewall setting If you know this in advanced, than you save costs and than you know the limitations of your Infrastructure before it escalates! What happen when your application is running over a Network, which is not perfect How do you know the Limit for your applications Performance-, Device- and Security-Testing Emulate Network problems in your Lab

16 Messtechnische Hilfsmittel Für 10/100Mbps, Giga & 10Giga Ethernet Frei Konfigurierbar, je nach Einsatz; Kosten-Einsparung Remote Opration Stackable Mehrere Links Aggregieren Konvertieren von Fiber zu Kupfer DownLink von 10Giga zu Giga Filtering Umschalten (Monitoring) Cisco, Nortel, Extrem, Alcatel, Juniper, 3com kompatible Fiber und Kupfer Bi-Direktionale MM. SM, LX, SX, ZX ! CWDM, DWDM Ein Analyzer, für verschiedene Links! Kosten-Einsparung Oder IDS, Probe und Analyzer, parallel! Mit integriertem Konverter Aggregator, Convertor & Switching Intelligent Taps Kompatible SFPs & XFPs Matrix Switch

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