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Earth’s Atmosphere 5/20/14.

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1 Earth’s Atmosphere 5/20/14

2 Composition 78% Nitrogen (N2) 21% Oxygen (O2)
Released when living things decay and volcanoes erupt 21% Oxygen (O2) Produced by plants and some protists during photosynthesis 1% Various Atmospheric Gases Water vapor Carbon Dioxide Solid particles such as dirt, dust, and ash are carried in air

3 Atmospheric Pressure Atmosphere is held in place by Earth’s gravity
Gravity pulls on gas molecules Air pressure Stronger near surface Weaker the further away Altitude Air Pressure

4 Atmospheric Temperature
Air temperature changes as you increase altitude Sections of warmer and colder temperatures Temperature changes based on how solar energy is absorbed Type of gases affect solar absorption

5 Layers of Atmosphere Divided into four layers based on temperature
Troposphere Stratosphere Mesosphere Thermosphere “-sphere”  each layer surrounds the Earth like a hollow ball

6 Troposphere Lowest layer of the atmosphere Densest of the four layers
We live here Densest of the four layers 90% of atmosphere’s total mass Layer in which weather occurs Extends to 6-7 miles (~33,000 ft) above Earth’s surface

7 Stratosphere Located above the troposphere
Air is very thin and contains little moisture Few clouds exist here Contains the Ozone Layer (O3) Protects from UV rays Ranges from 7-31 miles above the Earth’s surface

8 Mesosphere Located above the stratosphere
Coldest layer of the atmosphere As low as -90oC (-130oF) Difficult to study layer Weather balloons and aircraft cannot reach layer Extends from miles above Earth’s surface Mesospheric Clouds

9 International Space Station
Thermosphere Uppermost atmospheric layer Warmest layer of the atmosphere As high as 1,700oC (3,100oF) Influenced by solar radiation Contains the Ionosphere and Aurora borealis Electrically charged particles Extends from (or 621) miles above Earth’s surface International Space Station

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