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Alligator Weed of Louisiana

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1 Alligator Weed of Louisiana

2 Facts Alligator weed interferes with activities
There are more mosquitoes because of alligator weed Grows on land and in water even seawater Alligator weed is hard to kill even with most chemicals

3 FACT Alligator weed is a fast growing plant.
And is a major problem to wetlands, rivers and irrigation systems.

4 Facts It can cause problems for the environment by blocking waterways
The Flea Beetle is used to control alligator weed in rivers and drains

5 Alligator weed Where does Alligator weed grow?
Alligator weed comes from South America.

6 Where Alligator Weed Is,
Alligator weed is a native plant of South America. It is also in South-Eastern United States, China, New Zealand, Burma, Thailand, Indonesia and India

7 Alligator weed Does Alligator weed attract bugs? Yes Alligator weed does attract bugs.

8 Bibliography

9 Authors Lilly Trejo Jon Trejo Joe Jimenez Victor Gonzalez Arturo Vega

10 The End

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