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Presenting and Displaying Your Science Fair Project.

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1 Presenting and Displaying Your Science Fair Project

2 Problem/Purpose This is the question that you will try to answer. Make sure it is in the form of a question.

3 Research Find information about your topic. Use books from the library. Use the Internet. Summarize the most important information.

4 Research Paper Title Page Purpose (1 paragraph) Background information (1-2 pages) Summary (2-4 paragraphs) Bibliography (at least 3 sources) Do not display research paper on the project board. It should be in a sleeve or folder in front of the project.

5 Hypothesis Tell what you think is going to happen in your experiment. This is your educated guess. Use an “If… then” statement.

6 Materials List each item that you used. Make sure that you list the amount of each item. Include the measuring scale used for the items(Metric/Standard English).

7 Procedure List all the steps of your procedure. These are the directions anyone can follow to repeat your experiment.

8 Results Describe what happened in your experiment. Use charts, graphs, and/or pictures. Make sure you label your data.

9 Conclusion What did you find out? Answer the problem based on the results of your experiment. Tell if your hypothesis was correct or incorrect. Tell what you think might have gone wrong in the experiment.


11 Procedure 1._____ 2._____ 3._____ 4._____ Title of the ProjectResults charts graphs photos Conclusion I found out that ________ _______. Science Project Display Board Materials ______ Hypothesis If ….., Then…. Problem The question that asks what you want to find out More pictures, charts, graphs or drawings

12 2. Log book 3. Written Report 1. Display Board List of Materials Please make sure you have the three materials shown for the day of the Science Fair.

13 Examples of Winning Projects






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