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Lesson 2: Working with Slides Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.

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1 Lesson 2: Working with Slides Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

2 Learning Goals The goal of this lesson is for students to successfully create a themed presentation as well as make modification to it. The student will insert slides, delete slides and explore the various presentation views in PowerPoint.

3 Learning Objectives On completion of this lesson, students will be able to do the following: – Create a new presentation from a theme – Create a new slide – Delete a slide – Enter text in the Outline tab – Edit text in Normal view – Enter speaker notes in the Notes pane and Note Page view – Insert slides from other presentations – Rearrange slides in Slide Sorter view – Show slides in Slide Show view

4 Creating a New Presentation from a Theme Themes give your presentations a designer- quality look that includes: – Layout- The arrangement of elements, such as title and subtitle text, lists, pictures, tables, charts, AutoShapes, and movies, on a slide. – Coordinating colors – A matching background – Fonts – Effects - A set of visual attributes that is applied to elements in a file.

5 Creating a New Presentation from a Theme, cont. Themes are installed with PowerPoint, but you can create your own theme. or Download additional themes from

6 Entering Text in the Slide Pane Clicking on a text placeholder will change the placeholder to a text object that can be used for text entry. Choose a slide for text entry by clicking on the slide in the Outline and Slides pane.

7 Entering Text in the Outline Pane The Outline tab displays the entire presentation in outline format. The slide icon indicates an individual slide and that the title and text are on the right side of that icon. Insert a new slide by clicking in the position of the new slide and clicking the New Slide button on Home Ribbon. The Promote and Demote buttons on the shortcut menu can control the indentation of the slide text.

8 Entering Speaker Notes Speaker notes are notes added to the presentation slides as a reference for the presenter. They are not visible in the presentation and are viewed and printed by the speaker. If dual monitors are available, notes can be displayed on one monitor and the presentation on the other using “presentation view”

9 Entering Speaker Notes, cont. They can be created in the Notes pane or Notes Page view.

10 Inserting Slides from Other Presentations When possible, save time by reusing slides. To insert slides from other presentations: – Click on the Home tab – In the Slides group, click on “New Slide” – Select “Reuse slides” – Browse for the presentation you want to take the slide from – Select the slides you want to insert

11 Rearranging Slides in Slide Sorter View Slide Sorter view is a quick way to view all slides in the presentation. Slides can be rearranged by clicking and dragging the slide to the desired location. Slides can be moved between two open presentations by opening each presentation, changing to Slide Sorter view and dragging the slides to the desired location.

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