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The Scientific Method Not just for scientists! Adapted from

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1 The Scientific Method Not just for scientists! Adapted from

2 What is it?  The scientific method is a logical sequence of steps that people use to identify, test, and answer a problem.  It is broken down into six steps: 1)State the problem. 2)Form a testable hypothesis. 3)Design an experiment. 4)Collect and analyze data. 5)Draw conclusions. 6)Communicate results.

3 Taking a closer look…  Choosing a question or problem to solve:  Make sure it’s realistic and that you can gather the necessary resources.  When possible, choose a topic that really interests you.  Your question must include both a manipulated (independent) variable and responding (dependent) variable.  Safety first!  Make it new and interesting to YOU!

4 Taking a closer look…  Creating a testable hypothesis:  “I predict that…”  Include a statement that shows cause and effect. (If, then, because.)  It must address the manipulated and responding variables.  Right or wrong does not matter!

5 Taking a closer look…  Designing an experiment:  Carefully decide what your constants will be.  Decide what materials you will need.  Decide how you will measure your constants and your variables.  List all procedures in order.

6 Taking a closer look…  Collect and analyze data:  Always keep constants and your manipulated variable in mind and follow your procedures.  Organize your raw data in a table.**  Use your data table to create a graph for your conclusion. (More to come!)

7 Taking a closer look…  Drawing conclusions:  Restate your problem and hypothesis.  Summarize your procedures.  Explain how the MV affected the RV. (What does the graph show?)  Explain whether or not the results supported your hypothesis.  If not, why?  Future experiments.

8 Communicate Results Journals Class reports News reports Magazines Dr. reports Others…..

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