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Natural Resources.

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1 Natural Resources

2 What are Natural Resources?
Supplies from the nature. Everything on or around the Earth that we use to survive. For example: Coal Oil Iron Timber Rivers Animals Sunlight

3 How do we classify natural resources?
Renewable resources Nonrenewable resources Inexhaustible resources

4 Renewable Resources Things that can be replaced in a relatively short amount of time. We must be wise about how we use these items! We could overuse, pollute, or destroy them too fast for them to be replaced. Examples: plants, animals, water, air, soil

5 Nonrenewable Resources
Cannot be replaced in a short amount of time. Made from dead plants and animals millions of years ago. Once we use them up, they are gone forever. We are using them faster than nature can replace them. Examples: fossil fuels (oils, natural gas, coal) and minerals

6 Inexhaustible Resources
Those things that can be replaced as fast as they are used. No matter how much we use, we can never run out. Examples: sunlight, wind, and ocean tides.

7 List some things that come from the Earth (natural resources) that help us live our lives. Cross off any items that you have on your list that another group mentions. Object Natural Resource Money Trees (paper) or minerals (coins) Pencils Trees (wood) Skateboard Trees (wood) and minerals (steel) Clothes Plants (cotton) Glass Sand Car Minerals (metal) and fossil fuels Sidewalks Rocks and minerals Gas Fossil fuels

8 Sort the Resources (use your Smart Board)
Oil Water Wind Renewable Resources Nonrenewable Resources Inexhaustible Resources XXXXXXXX Plants Coal Tides Soil Minerals Rocks Natural Gas Solar Energy Animals Gasoline

9 Remember:

10 Quiz

11 Solar Energy Renewable Nonrenewable Inexhaustible

12 Way to Go

13 Soil Renewable Nonrenewable Inexhaustible

14 Way to Go

15 Wind Renewable Nonrenewable Inexhaustible

16 Way to Go

17 Plants Renewable Nonrenewable Inexhaustible

18 Way to Go

19 Coal Renewable Nonrenewable Inexhaustible

20 Way to Go

21 Water Renewable Nonrenewable Inexhaustible

22 Way to Go

23 Natural Gas Renewable Nonrenewable Inexhaustible

24 Way to Go

25 Ocean Tides Renewable Nonrenewable Inexhaustible

26 Way to Go

27 Animals Renewable Nonrenewable Inexhaustible

28 Way to Go

29 Minerals Renewable Nonrenewable Inexhaustible

30 Way to Go

31 Which of these is an inexhaustible resource?
Coal B Gold C trees D Wind

32 Way to Go

33 Trees are a renewable resource because-
we can plant more to replace the ones we use. B someday we will use them all. C they grow so tall. D there are so many of them.

34 Way to Go

35 Oxygen is a gas that we need to breathe. It is found in our air
Oxygen is a gas that we need to breathe. It is found in our air. Which type of resource is oxygen? A renewable B nonrenewable C Both renewable and nonrenewable D Solar energy

36 Way to Go

37 Which of these would correctly complete this chart? A B C D
plants Nonrenewable Resources Inexhaustible Resources oil sunlight coal ? Natural gas Ocean tides B wind C soil D coal

38 Way to Go

39 sun wind geothermal oil water nuclear solar air coal soil gas minerals
inexhaustible coal soil gas minerals Plants and animals hydropower


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