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Australia Early History.

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1 Australia Early History

2 Indigenous Australians
Aborigines Came from Asia 40,000 years ago Nomadic hunters and gatherers Used boomerangs and spears for hunting Lived in small family groups, moved in search for food & water Had strong religious beliefs about nature (Dreamtime)

3 Dreamtime Explains origins & culture of land & people.
What do they believe? Before earth was created, everything (water, plants, animals, etc) was shaped by spirit beings that still exist and may appear in many forms Strong connection to the land and believe they are the caretakers Paintings & engravings on rocks are believed to have been done during Dreamtime

4 Dreamtime Stories

5 Uluru – Ayers Rock “The Remarkable Pebble”

6 Aborigine Boy

7 Aborigines

8 Aborigines With Dijrudos

9 Aborigines Painting

10 Arrival of the Europeans
1600s - Dutch sea captain Abel Janszoon Tasman (Tasmania) arrived, but no settlements were established

11 The British are coming British captain James Cook explored New Zealand and east coast of Australia. Both were claimed for Britain.

12 The south-Pacific routes of Captain James Cook's voyages
The south-Pacific routes of Captain James Cook's voyages. The first voyage is shown in red, second voyage in green, third voyage in blue.

13 First Colony 1770s – British set up 1st colony in Australia as penal colony for convicts because of overcrowding in English jails. More than 150,000 prisoners were sent over the next several decades. Why? Due to its remote location far away from Britain

14 Other People in Australia
1850s - Gold Rush brought many people. (ex. Chinese) After WWII many Europeans came to Australia. They came from Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, Germany. 1970s - people fleeing Vietnam War also came to Australia

15 Aborigines Today Since arrival of Europeans, Aborigines have suffered a great deal People forced off land Tens of thousands died b/c of European diseases such as smallpox Many forced to work on sheep stations They were demanded to adopt European culture Those who fought lost b/c of British weapons (guns) 200,000 live in Australia now, they have been fighting for their rights, and preserving their culture.

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