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Supply Chain Network for Renewable Energy

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1 Supply Chain Network for Renewable Energy
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernd Noche Supply Chain Network for Renewable Energy Seminar Proposal Fakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften Abteilung Maschinenbau Transportsysteme und -logistik Lotharstraße 47057 Duisburg Telefon: Telefax:

2 Presentation Outline Background Fundamental Supply Chain of RE
Santoso, Muhammad Iman Forschung: Biodiesel Distribution Tracking System Institut für Produkt Engineering Transportsysteme und logistik Uni Duisburg-Essen Gebäude SK-Raum 008 Keetmanstraße 3-9, Duisburg Expected Outcomes Offering Topics

3 Background RE Trend

4 Fundamental SCM: “a global network used to deliver products and services from raw materials to end customers through an engineered flow of information, physical and cash” (APICS-the association of operation management)

5 SCM entities Supply chain consists of all stages involved directly or indirectly in fulfilling a customers requests/ requirements. It includes not only the manufacturer and suppliers but also transporters, warehouses, retailers and customers themselves.

6 SCM Facts  The three flows in a supply chain are: Product Information
Money  The core purpose of any supply chain is to satisfy customer needs and generating profits for itself.  The objective of every chain is to maximize the overall value generated through – Faster and timely delivery Improved quality and services. Reduced cost

7 Scope Wind Power Plant Solar Power Plant Biofuel Geothermal

8 Wind Power Plant The increasing size of wind turbines is causing supply chain challenges. Over 8,000 parts in a single wind turbine The components vary in manufacturing requirements will drive the nature of SC

9 Wind Turbine Part

10 Solar Supply Chain The solar supply chain involves a variety of players in both the production and services sectors.


12 SC-Opportunities in the Solar Industry
Manufacturing: This involves production but can also include procurement of raw materials; training; servicing equipment and distributing or marketing PV cells. Distribution: There are many independent solar distributors, as well as firms that prefer to both produce and distribute. Independent distributors sometimes specialize in solar, but more common are electrical distributors who break into the solar business. Installation Infrastructure conversion Energy storage

13 The Biofuels Supply Chain

14 SC-Opportunities in the Solar Industry
SC for biofuels consists of five main steps: feedstock production feedstock logistics biofuels and co-product production distribution end use.

15 The Geothermal Supply Chain
The geothermal supply chain supports a variety of jobs in the legal, engineering and construction sectors at different points in the supply chain.

16 SC-Opportunities in Geothermal

17 Expected Outcomes Setting up reliable, cost-effective supply chains
to take inventory of supply chain assets and to develop programs that help suppliers retool for renewable industries. Examines supply chains for wind, solar, geothermal and biofuels manufacturing and identifies strategies that economic developers are using to strengthen them.

18 Administrative

19 Administrative 22.05.2012: 1st Consultation
: 2nd Consultation (ToC + Tutorial) : 3rd Consultation (Full Paper – First Draft) August 2012: Final Presentation + 30 Minutes Exam

20 Administrative Report Lay-Out Leitfaden zur Erstellung von Seminararbeiten Report Submission: 1 x gedruckt (geheftet), 15 – 20 Seiten 1 x CD mit Word Dokument (eingeklebt) Additional Points: Simulation Algorithm Innovation/Novel Idea

21 Seminar’s Topics 1. Wind Power Plant Supply Chain: Possibility and Limitation Windkraftanlage lieferkette: "Möglichkeit und Begrenzung" 2. Business Opportunities in the Solar Energy Supply Chain Geschäftsmöglichkeiten in der Solarenergie lieferkette 3. Technologies and processes innovation in the biofuels supply chain Technologien und Prozesse Innovation der Biokraftstoffe lieferkette 4. Improvement of Feedstock Production, Logistic and Distribution in the Biofuel Supply Chain. Verbesserung der Feedstock Produktion, Logistik und Vertrieb an der Biokraftstoffe lieferkette

22 5. The Supply Chain of Geothermal Power Plant Project Development
Der Lieferkette von Geothermie-Kraftwerk Projektentwicklung 6. Optimization of Biomass Supply-Chain network (Option: Case study in Germany, China, India, Indonesia etc.) Optimierung von Biomasseslieferkette-Netzwerk (Wahlen: Fallstudie in Deutschland, China, India, Indonesia, usw.) 7. The Proposal of Biodiesel Tracking system using GPS and GSM in Germany Der Vorschlag von Biodiesel Tracking-System mit GPS und GSM in Deutschland 8. Lean and Green Supply Chain Technologies for Biodiesel Industry Lehnen und Grün Lieferkette Technologien für Biodiesel Industrie


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