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The role of the teacher and learner DR.SUZAN HASSAN DNT 361.

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1 The role of the teacher and learner DR.SUZAN HASSAN DNT 361

2 Some definitions. The roles of teacher. The roles of learner. Teaching-learning process(steps). Health education materials Objectives or outlines:

3 One who studies or examines in any manner. Teaching: : Student : is an active process in which one person shares information with others to provide them with the information to make behavioral changes. Learning : is the process of assimilating information with a resultant change in behavior. Some Definitions

4 Knows the best learning method and environment. Integrates or combine with technology. Designs assessment strategies. Recognizes high quality resources. The role of teacher:

5 Establishes or found learning goals with teacher. Creates a personal learning plan. Chooses how to access content. Has a voice expression what they know. Selects he way to engage with content. The role of learner:

6 1. ability to teaching & learning. 2.Plan ( prioritize, choose content, select strategies). 3.Implement or achieve (environment, teaching guidelines). 4.Evaluate (teaching, learning). 5.Document. Teaching-learning process(steps):

7 Manipulating material and activities to interest. Engaging in goal setting procedure with the students. Manipulating re words and competition providing knowledge of progress. Motivating students

8 Auditory material : radio, phones. Visual material: chalk board,posters,charts,models,power point slide, health magazine and news papers. Combined audio visual material: television, sound films and slides. Health education materials :

9 Laboratory and clinical experiences. Not repeating the same exercise. Helping students apply knowledge. Many specific examples. Managing practice effectively:

10 Help in reinforcing desirable learning. Re assurance. Evaluation student performance. Make criteria public. Assign grades. Assessing student work:

11 Thank you

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